Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lineup confirmed to face Chile

The day before the game, Argentina have already confirmed their lineup to face Chile in a friendly match to be held at Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza.

Here is Argentina's starting eleven:

Goalkeeper: Juan Pablo CARRIZO (River Plate)

Defense: skipper Hugo IBARRA (Boca Juniors), Eduardo TUZZIO (River Plate), Daniel DIAZ (Boca Juniors), Jonathan BOTTINELLI (San Lorenzo).

Midfield: Fernando BELLUSCHI (River Plate), Cristian LEDESMA (San Lorenzo), José SOSA (Estudiantes de La Plata), Daniel MONTENEGRO (Independiente)

Forwards: Rodrigo PALACIO (Boca Juniors) and Mariano PAVONE (Estudiantes de La Plata).


John said...

I’m pretty excited to how this team fares. Especially the likes of CARRIZO, SOSA and BELLUSCHI, as these could be some of the big names for us in the future.

Seba, I assume the BELLUSCHI is going to be given the playmaker role.

Seba said...

John, I believe Daniel MONTENEGRO will play that role.

He is a natural play-maker with great skill, pace and a great shot from outside the area. The only thing that is debateable about him is his lack of consistency. He could play 3 great games in a row and then stay quiet and play very badly for the rest of the tournament.

It'll be a matter of seeing which one of his versions will turn up to play tonight against Chile.

Helen said...

Guys, did you see Mess's super goal against Getafe in Cup semifinal today? Man! This is greaaaaaaaaaaat! A replica of Diego Maradona's magical goal against England in Mexico 86, what can I say? The future Arg team simply has to build around him.

John said...

I was viewing the game on www.livescore.com. Half time has just concluded and the score line is still 0-0. Anyone watching the game on TV?

Seba said...

It's halftime now and we are still 0-0.

I'm in Brazil and they are not showing the game on television.

There are Copa Libertadores and Copa do Brasil matches and so there is no room for our friendly to go on air here.

ESPN is showing NBA (Spurs v Nuggets) and ESPN Brasil is showing some local Brazilian basketball.

I'm settling with Radio Continental live and free commentary.

I know the commentary is in Spanish but you can try and follow the game here:


And look for the words: ESCUCHENOS EN VIVO (top right of the screen).