Monday, April 23, 2007

Draw For The FIFA 2007 Women's World Cup

The draw for the 5th edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup, which took place last Sunday in the city of Wuhan, has just been concluded, and we could be in for a real tough time. Grouped together with our ladies in Group A, are defending champion Germany, England and Japan. We will provide you some inside information and preview pertaining to the Señoritas Albicelestes, in the future, especially towards the build up of the tournament.

But for now, here is the complete draw:-

Group A - Germany, Argentina, England, Japan

Group B - USA, Nigeria, Sweden, Korea DPR

Group C - Norway, Australia, Canada, Ghana

Group D - China PR, Brazil, Denmark, New Zealand

Now I would just like to share on what a remarkable improvement have the ladies made, since they're historically debut four years ago when the competition was held in the United States.

Having being in the shadows of continental rivals Brazil for many years, the team achieved the unexpected when they defeated them in last year Sudamericano Femenino by 2-0. Though the team has met with minimum requirement to qualify for the World Cup, the most significant importance of that result allowed us to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the first ever in our women's football history.

I was really ashamed that I did not include them in our Best of Argentina 2006 Top 10 review last year, after having just found out what a major achievement it was for us.



johnny said...

Off topic I know, but I felt for poor Heinze today. The back for Man U is decimated with injuries and Heinze had to play out of his usual position. He really doesn't have the speed to play last man. Even so, he didn't totally embarrass himself. It was an entertaining match. I am looking forward to Chelsea and Liverpool tomorrow. Also read that Crespo wants to stay where he is, so hopefully he won't be headed back to dreaded Chelsea.

John said...

I feel for you Johnny and I’m sure so is everyone else. Gaby was given a role that he is not familiar with. I don’t blame him for KAKA’s second goal as he was pressuring him until Patrice EVRA had to collide with him.

Nevertheless the game itself was a cracker and the 2nd leg is going to be equally exciting.

I really hope to see both HEINZE and MASCHERANO in the final.

John said...

NBA News…

Not one of the best nights he had, but still contribution from all angle does count. That’s the case for Andres “CHAPU” Nocioni when the BULLS faced the WADE and SHAQ’s Miami HEAT. His contribution of 10 points & 5 rebounds helped the BULLS to beat the HEATS 107-89 taking the best of seven of series a 2-0 lead.

alwin said...

A nice new look to the Blog. Good Job. I have just one thing to say, what was PATRICE EVRA thinking when he barged into HEINZE, if in Malaysia we will all be saying.."AIYOO"!!!!

Anonymous said...

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