Friday, April 20, 2007

BASILE: "It was a Maradonian goal"

“What MESSI did was extraordinary. I’ve seen that goal like 10 times and I imagine that everyone have seen it. We won’t have him with us until the end of our preparation for the Copa América” (Note: Argentina will travel to Venezuela on June 21st, while the Copa del Rey final will be on June 23rd and there are chances for FC Barcelona to play there).

“What he’s done was Maradonian. Extraordinary, extraordinary! It was an awesome thing: You know he can do it and this time he did it. From the right, he dribbled everybody and the difference (with Diego’s goal) is that he finished with the right foot. He went a little bit wider than Diego after dribbling the keeper and near the goal line he even lifted the ball a little bit because there was a defender closing in. And don’t forget that his right foot is not his best foot. He’s got everything in his left. What he did is something unique players can do. It was my biggest joy of the day as Argentina’s national team manager”

“MESSI has to have a free role in our team” said COCO to his friends.

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