Monday, April 09, 2007

Kids just want to have fun

Now let me ask many of you know a young striker called Oscar TREJO?

Well…I didn’t know him much, until I saw what happened in the last minute of Mallorca 2 – Getafe 0.

Mallorca were winning 1-0 and so the manager, Gregorio MANZANO, thought it was a good idea to make a substitution and sent this 18-year-old Argentine to the pitch for the final minute of action. It was more to kill time than anything, but what happened next?

Oscar TREJO picked up the ball and skipped past two opponents before beating non-other than Roberto ABBONDANZIERI to score in the first minute of action in his absolute La Liga debut!

Now that takes some doing!

Today he is the darling of the Argentine media and everybody is talking about this boy who left Boca Juniors, tired of not having enough chances, in a situation that was brought to Justice.

His family finally excercised what is called Patria Potestad (a right that gives the parents the power to take his boy wherever they want to) and they took TREJO out from Boca Juniors.

It was almost the same thing that happened with Fabricio COLOCCINI in the past.

Now Boca are really annoyed by this situation and are appealing the decision.

But in the meantime, the kid just wants to play. After playing only once for Boca (63 minutes and 1 goal scored!) in July, 2005, now Chocota (such is his nickname) is dreaming of playing the U20 World Cup in Canada, later this year.

So stay tunned and watch Mallorca from now on, he might as well keep up his impressive record of one goal every 32 minutes and 30 seconds!

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