Thursday, April 26, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: SAVIOLA to play for Real Madrid

After more than one endless soap operas regarding Javier SAVIOLA's future, it appears that he will leave FC Barcelona to play for non other than arch-rivals Real Madrid.

Prestigious Spanish sports newspaper Marca is confirming the news that SAVIOLA will join fellow Argentineans Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Fernando GAGO at the White Empire on July 1st this year.

Personally, I think it is a good move for the Little Rabbit as he was underestimated very often by manager Frank RIJKAARD at Barça.
There were rumours of SAVIOLA having 15 offers from 6 different countries, but I doubt there was a club bigger than Real Madrid interested in his services at the present time, so I believe it is a wise choice by him.
However, he must know that he will be exposed to abuse from Barça fans the first (and every) time that he'll face the Catalan Giants wearing a white jersey.
It remains to be seen whether if he will have enough chances to play for the first team in Madrid. But it doesn't change his situation that much, as it was the same at Barça.
Good luck to Javier in this next experience and here's hoping that this is good news for our National Team, provided that he plays more regularely and has more chances to hit form.


johnny said...

Good luck to Saviola ! I am sorry to see him leave Barcelona, but it looks like he just wasn't going to fit in there no matter what. My bet is that management is wedded to the idea of bringing in some high profile striker(s)to pair with Ronaldinho and Messi, and don't want to commit any money to Saviola because of that. It wouldn't surprise me to see E'too gone as well. Too bad about Barca this year. While still successful, they are a shadow of last year's team and dissension has reared it's ugly head.

ajay said...

Actually, the Barca faithful like Saviola and understand his predicament. As a matter of fact they empathize with his situation. Only time will tell if El Conejo really moves to Real Madrid.

John said...

Somehow rather I felt that day will come ad its only just that I refused to accept this. It is very dumb for any coach to refuse to acknowledge the talent that SAVIOLA has. Personally for me it is even dumber when such talent is gone to waste for the sake of Eidur GUDJOHNSSEN!!!

However I feel moving to Real Madrid is not going to be any different as he still has plenty of competition for team place.

Perhaps, a move to a smaller club but ambition club might just do the trick for him. Chances for him to be given lead striker role is higher, furthermore most supplies will be directed to him. Just take Diego MILITO or Frederic KANOUTE for example.

johnny said...

Hi Ajay,

Right. When I was in Barcelona a few months ago,Saviola was on fire and the fans very much liked him, but as for talks ! Or the lack of it !