Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Four hands write more than two!

A couple of days ago, a new writer have joined our blog and he will bring us a lot of new material with the most important element: THE PASSION FOR THE ALBICELESTE.

You all know him through his comments on this blog and now he'll take things a little bit further by writing his own articles like the one he did with the Top10 Albicelestes teams by sports in 2006.

So I would like you to welcome John from Malaysia as our new writer!



linda said...

Welcome, John! Hoping to see more from you and Seba, especially in the lead up to the Copa America.

Vamos Argentina!

pablo said...

hi all,im an argentine living in new zealand whos a very happy man as ive just got tickets to see my beloved argentina play vs aussie in melbourne june 6th wahoooooo... being in n.z ive never had the chance to see argentina play.
awesome site i have been reading it since the w.cup,keep up the good work all and thank you.

John said...

Muchos Gracias Seba!!! And thanks to all YOU too. It is a great honour to be invited to write in this blog. Will do my best to post article related to Albicelestes at all front.

Pablo, I envy you very much. Between now and 6th June must be a long way for you buddy. I can understand what it feels like. I know you’ll really have a good time. Vamos Pablo!!!

Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Great to have you on board, John. We shall look forward to your writings.

Mascherano's performance is really very encouraging, though the yellow card was a trifle harsh.

Seba said...

Pablo! I remember your e-mails back in the World Cup!

I'm so happy for you to be able to watch that friendly!

It must be a very special moment for you! Enjoy it to the maximum and feel free to write like a game review and to tell us what happened in the stands and all that.

We'll love to see some pictures as well!

Stay in touch and VAMOS ARGENTINA!

pablo said...

thank you both john and seba,yes it will be a very special moment for me,i cant wait and of course will be happy to snap some photos with a pre and post match report.
as always i have the scarve and flag but what shirt to wear,i have messi 19(away)or ayala 2(home).
question for all what name do you have on the back of your shirt.

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