Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Disappointing 0-0 draw against Chile

It was a much awaited game for those of us who love the Albiceleste. The Malvinas Argentinas stadium received a great number of supporters and had an intense atmosphere as the people from Mendoza enjoyed the visit of the Argentine stars that entertain them week in, week out by playing in the local league.

But it was 0-0. Yes, Argentina was unlucky at some point by hitting the woodwork in more than one ocassion, but Chile had their fair share of chances and could have very well return to their country with a sound victory.

Everything is a work in progress at the moment and it's very soon to jump into conclusions, but I'm sure Coco BASILE now has a better idea of who is up to the task of wearing the Albiceleste and who is not.

Knowing that COCO will use a mix between the bunch of players who were in action tonight and those who are plying their trade in the European leagues, I'm sure he's got more things to be upbeat than downbeat.

MESSI scored a brace, CARLITOS kept his scoring shoes on and now Fernando CAVENAGHI joins the list of Argentine scorers in Europe, after he scored his first goal for Bordeaux in a 3-0 victory against Nancy for the French League.

I'll wait for COCO's and players' comments and see what their voices say.

I don't think there are reasons to be worried about. It's still very early for that.


Anonymous said...

Seba, you post much to fast for me! Hehe. I just posted what I though about the game (along with the fact that I will very upset if Messi doesn't appear in the Copa America lineup) so I thought I would copy it here since this is the game discussion thread :)

Regarding the game today. Not the best performance at all. The attack lacked cohesiveness (I think we needed someone to direct it better) and the defense made me nervous. And this was against a team that Brazil demolished. We need improvement but we can definitely do it. We can only grow :)


Seba said...

I'm inspired at the moment and I just can't stop writing! hahaha!

Thanks for your comments. I couldn't write a more exhaustive game review because unfortunately I couldn't watch it, so I appreciate you share your views here with us.

I wanted to point out that Brazil demolished Chile but they played with most of their top players.

John said...

Yes I do agree we should not jump into conclusion. Hopefully I’ll get some highlights in the local news. Yet again it is still work-in-progress stage for COCO and we should only judge him once we get the final product. Perhaps with the presence of our top form players such as MESSI, TEVEZ or even MILITO we might add the extra steel that we’re looking for upfront.

I’m really happy for Fernando CAVENAGHI. Out of the dreadful Russian winter and into scoring mode for Bordeaux. Lets hope he does not fulfill the promise he once showed during his time at River

Also not to be forgotten is Javier MASCHERANO who started for Liverpool in their 2-0 win over Middlesborough. Kop legend in the making?

And finally, it looks like our Albicelestes contingent at Inter will have to wait a little bit longer as before they can wrap up the Serie A title, as they defeated by AS Roma (what???) 3-1 at the San Siro.

Anonymous said...

Seba I do realize that Brazil was playing with their top players which is why, despite how my last post sounded, I'm not totally worried yet. I guess I'm just a little paranoid that Basile is going to ignore some of our top players, who happen to play abroad, because of his whole "domestic players are the best" philosophy. I realize that he has said that he is considering everyone but until I actually SEE it, I'm going to be a little on edge.

BTW, speaking the Messi's goal, I noticed that you had written earlier that you had seen a comparison between his goal and Maradona's goal. Here is a similar comparison for everyone else. Guaranteed to put a really silly smile on your face.


Seba said...

Hilarious commentary!

It's just sensational how many times he can say the same words and get away with that! hahaha!

This goes to back my theory about football commentators: No matter how many mistakes they make, they still get to keep their job!

A football commentator that is a friend of mine (and one of the best in Argentina IMO), once said to me: "If any worker in any job makes as many mistakes as we do, then they'll be fired in no time. But the funny thing is that we get away with it"

And to be honest, he is not one who makes silly mistakes. There are times in which you can't even think how can they mixed up players names like they do.

Anyway...this commentary, makes up for the lack of words with an incredible passion in his voice.

Great stuff argentinafan, thank you!

johnny said...

I made it back to BsAs today after taking in our match with Chile in Mendoza City. It was a great atmosphere with amazing passion. Too bad it ended up in a scoreless tie. The place would have gone mad with a goal. My impression was that the offense was pretty uncoordinated and that Montenegro, Pavone and Palacio were not impressive. Sosa looked very good. We missed Veron. Belluschi played hard, but not always smart. Being a Boca fan I am concerned about Palacio. He has not played to his form of last year, and appears to be lacking confidence. The back was fairly impressive, but would have been in deep trouble without Cata Diaz. It amazes me that he does not get more ink. I think it may be that he makes the difficult look easy. Anyhow, Coco has decisions to make, and we will need a european "infusion" to be at top speed come Copa time.

Seba said...

Hey Johnny! Great to hear you made it to Mendoza and watched the game!

I knew it was going to be a great crowd and a noisy atmosphere in Mendoza.

Let me know if you have some pictures from last night and if you want to post some here in our blog, feel free.

johnny said...

Sorry Seba, no pics. I am in the dark ages when it comes to cameras ! If you will recall I asked a while back about how to get tickets to see the match in Mendoza. Now I have the same question re Copa. I apologize for being so "needy", but unfortunately I am a non spanish speaking futbol fanatic. This is a disadvantage when trying to gather info and make arrangements, but I will persevere ! I would love to take in some matches in Venezuela. Perhaps I can also stand in for Dubya and have a summit with Hugo !

Seba said...

Johnny, no worries. You still have my e-mail address? Drop me a line and we'll see what we can do.

I can't promise anything, but I might have a contact (not to get free tickets, but to give us the information you need).