Saturday, April 07, 2007

I want Diego MILITO playing the Copa America

That's it. I've said it. It's off my chest now!

There is no way we should not have such an fine in-form striker in our squad to play in the Copa America. I hope COCO sees it the same way I do and gives Diego MILITO one of the 22 tickets he'll be delivering to join him on the plane to Venezuela in June.

Real Zaragoza fans are over the moon with their team moving to 4th place in La Liga after defeated defending champions and current leaders FC Barcelona.

And they have Diego MILITO to thank. The former Racing Club (ARG) and Genoa (ITA) striker has made an habit out of scoring goals against Spanish power-houses like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

With his lone strike on Saturday, the Champions League qualification for next season looks closer and closer, while La Liga is wide open at the top, with Sevilla having the chance to end this week as the only leaders.

So...I don't know who should play with Diego MILITO in our attacking lines, but he MUST play the Copa America.


John said...

OK. I have to admit that I'm pretty sad that our tennis team early elimination from the Davis Cup. To make it even worse, we lost to the same Swedish team that we whipped 5-0 last year and this time they got exact revenge that they wanted.

Now referring back to Seba's article, I do agree there is no reason for COCO to overlook Diego MILITO. What does a striker need to do to convince his National Team coach besides scoring plenty of goals?

Further into this, I must say it was fantastic performance from Pablo AIMAR and D'ALESSANDRO as well which brings us to the next question why hasn't the latter receive any call up in recent friendly matches?

The goal itself was a combination of both D'ALESSANDRO skill full exploits and MILITO fantastic finishing.

Imagine if all three of them in the starting line up and producing the same kind of form that has brought their club to this stage.

COCO only YOU have the answer to these questions?

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