Thursday, April 19, 2007

Facts about the two "golazos"

Golazo is a Spanish word used to describe a great or a crucial goal.

If you want a better definition of the word Golazo, then just watch what Diego MARADONA did in Mexico 86 against England or what Lionel MESSI emulated 21 years later at the Camp Nou for FC Barcelona against Getafe for the Copa del Rey.

Now I find it very logical yet amazing that all the media in the World are now comparing both goals and all they seem to talk about is how the two gems are ridiculously similar.

It's been said here in this blog (in one post which was not signed) that the conditions of the pitch at the Azteca back in that Mexico 86 World Cup were not ideal, and were very far from that.

That's not the only difference I've found. There are plenty, like the importance of the game and the calibre of the opposition.

But what about the similarities?

What about these facts?

- Both started on the right hand side of the field, just before the midfield line.

- Both dribbled past 5 rivals (including the goalkeeper).

- Both needed just 11 seconds from start to finish.

I find it really hard to believe. 21 years later and an almost exact replica of the most sensational goal ever scored in the history of the World Cup performed by none other than the boy who Diego himself have chosen as his successor.

The more I watch both goals, the more I'm in awe and the more I feel extremely happy to know they are both Argentine.

The notable difference I've seen from one goal to the other?

Here, here:

- DIEGO touched the ball 11 times since he started that run. MESSI touched it 14 times.

- DIEGO finished with the left foot. MESSI with the right.

But that's about it. That's all!

Should we wait for the Hand of the MESSIah, now?

I'll be happy if he scores from the spot as long as he is wearing the Albiceleste!


John said...

Simply breathtaking, simply marvelous, simply sensational!!! I’m just speechless right now. The same goose bump I had when watching Diego’s goal over and over again, is exactly what I felt with Pulga’s goal. It would have been sweeter it he was wearing the blue & white instead of blue & red. Nevertheless as long as when an Albicelestes does it, that all right with me.

Diego was never wrong on who is his successor should be. At the present moment I believe, COCO could use some inspiration from this boy, especially when MESSI himself has made in clear, in a previous article, he wants to go to the Copa America.

But at the same time, lets not overburden him with all the hype and expectation, as we all know being Diego’s successor comes with a huge responsibility. He is still 19, this is time he should be having fun and express himself freely (just like that goal). And as he grows, he will improve.

Not to forget CARLITOS wonderful strike for the Hammers against Chelsea. Not bad at all. Though I feel it is most likely that they will be relegated, but I’ll dare to say they throughout this season, CARLITOS should be West Ham best player. I’ve never seen the likes HAREWOOD, BOWYER, etc played as much as hard as he did.

Speaking of commentary, I still remember what I heard when I was watching the Argentina vs. Serbia game during the World Cup, just before the kick off, “ There they are, Carlos TEVEZ and Lionel MESSI on the substitute bench, how scary is that!!!”

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