Wednesday, November 04, 2009

U17 World Cup: Argentina vs. Colombia (Match Preview)

Just about four hours left before our Under-17 team will returned to action. For their second round encounter, Los Pibitos will play against a very familiar side; fellow South Americans, Colombia.

The Match

Jose Luis BROWN is expected to bring back his first choice names after resting them for their last group encounter against Nigeria. Argentina was missing the fire power from their inspiration front men; Sergio ARAUJO and Daniel VILLALVA.

Though the Colombians had a rough patch getting in to this stage, nothing should be taken for granted if Los Pibitos were to moved further in the completion. Especially when you have both Brazil and Netherlands out of the competition already.

Here is the line up as named by BROWN (taken from website)

Damián MARTINEZ; Leandro MARIN - Leandro GONZALEZ - Esteban ESPINDOLA - Lucas KRUPZKY; Ezequiel CIRIGLIANO - Jorge BALBUENA - Franco BITANCOURT; Sebastián GONZALEZ; Daniel VILLALVA - Sergio ARAUJO

For the record, both teams have met once previously. The last encounter was at the 2003 edition, which we won 3-2 on penalties after a 2-2 draw, thus taking third place spot.

The Quote (from

"It'll be vital to stay focused for the entire 90 minutes against Colombia. They are a dangerous team, and we've come up against them at a point of the competition where there's no margin for error. Whoever slips up will be heading for home and we don't want to go home until after the final." Jose Luis BROWN, Argentina coach

The match will be played in Ijebu-Ode, 16.00 (local time)


GK said...

Let's continue to show the world that we have the best youth system around.... VAMOS WEE LITTLE ARGIES!!!!

Soy_de_River said...

umm and the streak continues. No title for us. 3-2 for Columbia.

GK said...

It's too bad we were knocked out of another youth tourny but let's be optimistic and appreciate that not one, but two Argentines bailed out their clubs in Champions League today. Lopez equalized for Lyon and Milito equalized and set up the winner for Inter!


Abs said...

It is so pathatic to know what we had to do, yet we don't do it. Brown just asked the guys to give 90mins, and they just couldn't hold the last 10mins. I feel so bad !!

And Lopez, you just forced me to hate you.

nozbleed said...

I think Brown shouldn't made the decision to take off the 'Number 10' - Sebastian Gonzalez. Remember when Pekerman took off Riquelme when Argentina were leading 1-0 against Germany in WC2006? And the lost of Espindola after he was sent off for a silly mistake also hurt the team.

John said...

Here I am, coming back from a state of shock after watching our boys against Colombia. I still just couldn't believe that we actually threw away a two goal lead.

Furthermore, there was no discipline at all from them. We already started the game with at least 4-5 players on yellow cards. That itself, was a clear indication that we would have problem with the availability of our first choice players in the next match, should we qualified.

Well I’m just gutted. Now I believe there is real concern about the future as this current batch of youngster have failed in both tournament (we failed to qualify for the Under-20).

salvio supporter said...

I just can't believe some people still trusts in people like Maradona, Batista, and now Brown, to coach teams as important as these ones.