Friday, November 27, 2009

TEVEZ Takes On DEL POTRO In A Tennis Match

Now for something entertaining.

Carlos TEVEZ was on courtside at the O2 Arena to watch Juan Martin DEL POTRO taking on Roger FEDERER at the ATP World Tour finals. Our Grand Slam winner was once again victorious over the Swiss maestro, defeating him 6-3, 7-6 & 6-3.

Despite of the result, the ATP officials still had to determined whether he will advanced to the semi-finals due to some confusion over the complicated scoring system. While waiting for the announcement, Delpo went over to Carlitos and invited him to take part in an impromptu knock around.

Realizing on his lacked of skill with the tennis racquet, he decided to show off the crowd with his fancy footwork using the tennis ball. From the video, you could tell the crowd was absolutely delighted and entertain.

When the organizer finally came back to make the announcement, it was all good news as the result over FEDERER was enough to send DEL POTRO into the semi-finals.

Thank you Carlitos & Good luck to DEL POTRO!


Anonymous said...

on his carpet del potro can beat any player. i expect a del potro-federer final.


Yaju said...

Haha.. Typical Tevez.. Horrible first touch with his foot. Then tries to please the crowd.