Saturday, November 14, 2009

Possible Argentina/Spain Lines-ups

For Spain, they practiced with the following line-up:


That's a hell of a midfield. All signs indicate that XAVI will NOT start the match, but will be on the bench. Fernando TORRES is injured and was not called-up.

For Argentina, we practiced behind closed doors, but there is some news. For one, we know that MARADONA's #1 is ROMERO, MASCHERANO as the captain will start and after coming out and saying that MESSI should be the leader of the team, it's a no brainer that MESSI will start.

But now that we've got the obvious news out of the way, lets start at the back. MARADONA didn't call that many defenders(5 to be exact). PAREJA has been called-up a few times but has yet to actually start a match, which is why I think we'll see the following:


A horrible back-line, I know, but that's who Diego called-up.

In midfield, we have a bit more options. Do remember that GUTIERREZ is injured and PEROTTI was called-up to replace him. After saying that DI MARIA is doing great at the moment and having played the last 2 Qualifiers, I think it's safe to say that DI MARIA is in. The only question marks are who will play on the right(MAXI or PEROTTI). Everywhere I've read has indicated that it's one of them on the right, AIMAR hasn't even been mentioned as a possible starter. The other question is who will partner MASCHERANO(GAGO or CAMBIASSO).


Up front, AGUERO doesn't seem to be 100% fit, TEVEZ is completely out of form, LAVEZZI has always been a squad player which leaves us with HIGUAIN who has started the last 2 Qualfiers for us and is our best striker at the moment. All in all, this is what I think we'll see.



Mike said...

I'm not too happy to see the back line. But look how much stronger we are in midfield and upfront. It's not perfect yet but it's a great improvement. Looking forward to the game.

GK said...

Defence looks pretty scary, good thing its only a friendly. Here's a link to catch the game live streaming for free. Scroll down and you'll find five links for Spain-Argentina. JustinTV is usually a good feed but the 'External Link' feeds are usually broadcasted in english. Good luck.


GK said...

haha almost forgot to post the actaul link....

John said...

Thanks for the links GK.

Anonymous said...

hi everybody the just ended it was like we didn't play good i hope fifa will do what they say about him,cause if no we're going to an obvious failure .no more maradona ,gago,coloccini,even tevez,palermo,schiavi,