Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MESSI 1986 hair style?

With all the negativity going around, I thought it would be interesting to post this.

Thousands of fans in Argentina are requestion that Lionel MESSI style his hair like MARADONA in 1986. MARADONA as DT, retro 1986 jersey and now this.

Here's the official website, which even state some "scientific reasons" and even some "mythology reasons".

There's also an Official Facebook group with over 10,000 fans(they were around 2,000 yesterday).


Paulina said...

At the risk of being negative -- that is one of the dumbest and saddest things that I've seen this international break. Messi has lovely hair.

John said...

He certainly has lost all the BOY-ish looks. For a while I thought that was some character from That 70's show!

johnny said...

Noooooo !!! No 70's or 80's hair ! I'd rather see a Mohawk than that. Mohawk Messi !

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what Argentina's base city will be next year in SA?

Anonymous said...

Argentina will play friendly 22nd of december vs Catalunya at Camp Nou

Victor said...

um, kind of a dumb idea. Not to disrespect anyone. But messy already stated he wants his own identity, he doesnt want to be known as 'maradona's successor' but as himself. Doing this will just go against what he believes in.

koma said...

come on guys, this is only a joke.. a little bit of laughter wont kill you, believe me.. and like The Joker said, "Why so serious?"... :)

messidona19 said...

hahahha funny pic

Anonymous said...

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