Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maradona banned for 2 months

The FIFA disciplinary committee held a meeting with MARADONA earlier today and Diego has been hit with a 2 month ban and a fine of £14,800. He's banned as of today until January 15. In short, Argentina have a friendly against the Czech Republic on December 12, Diego won't be able to make the match.

For those unaware, following the Uruguay match last month, Maradona went off on his critics(the press) and used explicit language. Initially, FIFA wanted to slap him with a 5 match ban, but cut it down to 2 months instead. For those hoping that Diego would get the 5 match ban which would lead to him resigning, it's not going to happen.


Anonymous said...

How the f... you want Maradona get bigger ban -he's Argentina coach.

Victor said...

So nothing will change than just him missing 1 match. Thats nice. Well, best luck to Argentina!

ZiggY said...

Honestly im not even waiting for this WC. There's nothing to look forward to... its just gonna be a big embarrassment.

LM10ARG said...

2010 wc is out of question. our only hope is that Argentina will get knocked out of 2010 first stage and likes of maradona, grondona, bilardo will be forced to leave. That's the only way Argentine football can be back on track...

Abs said...

Argentina will bring back the 2010 WC, I promise you all. And that's going to be with Maradona, and then you can all suck it with the press !!

FIFA, screw you, I believe Maradona should've told you to suck it as well instead of his apologis !!

In Argentina we believe in Maradona we SHOULD trust !!

Anonymous said...

its really sad that i like so many others wanter our greatest player but crappest coach to get a longer ban and hopefully be forced to resign.
diego will alsways be the greatest player to me but as a manager i want him gone(now)
as they say wishful thinking.

GK said...

I know we were all hopeing for a 5 match touchline ban which would result in the axe of Maradona but it didn't happen. Instead of all this negativity can't we have hope and be optimistic? We qualified, we are going to South Africa and we all know once your there anything can happen and anyone can win. Let's have faith, I believe.... Remember, the ball is round.


Anonymous said...

gk i kno what you are saying but their is reality at our current plight.
having said that we are at the w.c and that gives us hope.
i have and always will support whoever pulls on the blue and white no matter what, i never want a player to fail even if i dont like the player or agree with his selection.
i want diego to succed but so far he has given me little to no indication he can/knows how to achieve this.

Anonymous said...

i am very optimistic about the wc. no group of death this time i think. politics play a big role.

also this wc will have a lot of candidates to win, maybe more strong lineups like never before. i think there have never been so many strong african teams at one wc: ivory coast, ghana, nigeria, kamerun are all tough, and the host. russia (if they make it) and mexico are also good for a surprise. and the typical powerhouses of course.

there won't be any emberassment for argentina at the wc. all games will be very tight, one goal difference or penalty shootout decide games, that's the world cup people!


Anonymous said...

Yep I believe we are improving, step by step. We can win it by learnign from our mistakes.

Tim said...

I really don't see where any optimism comes from. I mean it can't be based on our performances in any of our matches that we've had since Maradona has taken charge (except against the weak venezuela team). Other than that, I don't believe in magic sooo......

messidona19 said...

FIFA gave him this punishment because they wanted to see him fail badly in the World Cup which will be a more sever punishment.
Plus, They can't ban Maradona out of the World Cup, Because with his precense, FIFA will make more money and S.A will be more successful and interesting for others.

Mohd said...

interesting to see some guys being optimistic...
is the situation fixable? yes it is. we are at the world cup and we have some of the best players in the world. but the problem is that there are no indications maradona will ever admit his mistakes and change his selections.

by the way, more and more news are emerging that Italians are chasing Zarate...whether he accepts or not is a different matter

Mohd said...

...meanwhile, enjoy while you still can:

Anonymous said...

Agree, Maradona punishment solely based on business factor. With Maradona appeareance, SA WC would be successful. Grondona influence determine FIFA policy towards Maradona.
About Zarate, I have no problem he choose Italy. NT don't need player like him. It's no use for Zarate start fighting with Maradona. He's not gonna win. Zarate should be patience, continue show his good performance with Lazio. Don't act like a child! Remember Higuain, his patience finally attract Maradona (besides pressure from public and media). Just wonder all of young players from Argentina has an ego like Zarate. I think not only him want to select to NT. Saviola, Crespo, Lopez, Milito, which is more experience and has good performance with their club, doesn't got the chance. So, be patience Zarate, you will get your chance!

LM10ARG said...

I was wondering if we, the albiceleste die-hards could do something to get rid of maradona. He is destroying our beloved team. How about die hard fans in Argentina go on hunger strike or something like this in front of AFA headquarter? Any thoughts???

Mohd said...


what if players have ego like Zarate?
do you remember Maradona the player? his ego was never a problem no?
so you do not throw out a talent like this because he is hard to manage. on the other hand maybe zarate is hard to manage because in lazio he is the only star. but it won't be the case with the NT so no problem there.

Anonymous said...

Argentina are no longer a joy to watch since Maradona came in..I realize that they always step up their games when the big occasion comes, but nothing is encouraging in the way they are playing now..
last world cup Pekerman made one mistake i believe in not playing messi against germany that cost us the world cup..Maradona makes 10 mistakes a game..

cha said...

Mohd, please, don't you ever compare zarate and maradona as a player. Just like heaven and hell. Yes, maradona egomaniacs. But not one in this world doubt his capacity! You said talent??? You compare zarate talent with maradona!! wowww...hahahhaa. Yes Maradona egoistic, but he never threat playing with another country. When Menotti didn't called him in 78, everybody knows Maradona deserve to play with senior team even he is still young...!!! But he never threat and abandoned his country. In Argentina not only Zarate who has talent.

LM10ARG said...

Once again I am posting my message even though I posted it once before...I was wondering if we, the albiceleste die-hards could do something to get rid of maradona. He is destroying our beloved team. How about die hard fans in Argentina go on hunger strike or something like this in front of AFA headquarter? Any thoughts??? I am expecting to hear from u guyz...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Argentina's base city will be next year in SA?

Mohd said...


i did not compare zarate's talent to maradona. maradona (the player) is for me the god of football. end of discussion.
but in the current generation, zarate is the most talented and feared along with Messi.
plus zarate never threatened to play for Italy. NEVER! it is the italians who are looming around.


your request is my wish. i always wondered why such thing won't happen. but then again this is Maradona we are talking about. I do not think even the most disgusted Arg fans will do such protest...unfortunatley that is!

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