Sunday, November 22, 2009

Argentina to face Catalunya in December

It's been rumored for a while, but it's now been confirmed. On December 22, Argentina will take on Catalunya(a region in Spain) at the Camp Nou in Barcelona. Since Catalunya is not an official country, this will not be an Official FIFA date. In other words, clubs are not forced to release their players for this match. Which might mean that the players picked by MARADONA will be local based players, however, it is possible that Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo HIGUAIN be picked for the match as they both play in Spain(MESSI already in Barcelona) and they both played versus Catalunya in 2008. Sergio AGUERO and Ezequiel LAVEZZI also played in that match.

Catalunya is coached by Dutch and Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff. Players who have recently played for Catalunya include: Carles PUYOL, Gerard PIQUE, Victor VALDES, Sergio BUSQUETS, Joan CAPDEVILA, Bojan KRKIC, Andres INIESTA, XAVI and Cesc FABREGAS.

The last time we faced Catalunya was on May 24, 2008 where Argentina won 1-0 thanks to a goal by Ezequiel LAVEZZI. Prior to that, it was on December 29, 2004 where Argentina won 3-0. Here is the line-up for the match that took on Catalunya in 2008. Note, it was our Olympic team coached by Sergio BATISTA at the time.

Federico FAZIO
Emiliano INSUA
Cristian ANSALDI
Fernando GAGO
Lionel MESSI (Lucas BIGLIA, 72)
Sergio AGUERO (Marco RUBEN, 90)
Gonzalo HIGUAIN (Angel DI MARIA, 61)
Ezequiel LAVEZZI (Mauro ZARATE, 84)


King Aguero said...

Have you guys heard the news of Guus Hiddink being offered an assistant job on the NT's coaching staff?

Anonymous said...

Check the previous message ybder Scola Leads Rockets.

messidona19 said...

Ooh Imagine that! Hiddink our assistant coach! I see that less of a low posibility than the one of Guardiola joining us! But Hiddink is a tactical genuis and I hope I would hear more of this news although I doubt it will ever come up.

Batigol9 said...

How can Hiddink be an assistant to Maradona??No way he would accept that.

johnny said...

I will be replacing Maradona until his suspension is over. Martin Palermo will be my new enganche.

John said...

I'm sorry to say this guys but as much as I'm big fan of Guus HIDDINK and I would give my 100% vote for him to join our Diego's backroom staff; I don't think such arrangement will ever take place. Not at least with Diego still being around as our National Team coach.

This is just another papparazzi tactic just to get their paper selling. There's is no genuine truth behind this.

Besides do you reall think a man of class like HIDDINK will ever agree to such agreement? Never in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

hiddink is totally overrated! he is good, but what really outstanding did he archieve?

he reached the semis with holland 1998, but that was maybe the best holland ever, so many other coaches would also reach the semis.

he made his name by coaching nobody-teams and have a little bit success with them. like south corea 2002, who were refereed (sepp blattered) into the semis in a shameful way.

he failed to qualify for the wc 2010 with russian who has some very strong players. his name is bigger than he deserves it.

Vitalij from Germany

GK said...

A little off topic. Last night was the MLS Cup final (USA-Canada League) and Real Salt Lake won in penalties. Fabian Espindola came on for Real Salt Lake as a sub in the 75th minute and played well setting up numerous attacks. Javier Morales, another Argentine started the match but left in the 22nd minute with an injury. Seba, you may remember him? Apparently he played in the Argentine Primera from 1998-2005.

Anyways, I thought some of you guys maybe interested to know that three Argentines (third being Nelson Gonlzalez, didn't play from what I can remember) won a championship in North America.

salvio supporter said...

Hiddink stuff is true. Remember Matthaus. He's here, and Racing is playing so well now. Press never lies.

Anonymous said...

Vitalij, in 98 Holland lost in a PK shootout to Brazil, so losing in a PK. Maybe Best Holland team ever? HAHA are you forgetting 74 and 78 squad? And do not forget after Guus left Holland they failed to make the 02 WC while he took South Korea to the semis(granted to some dodgy calls). He took Russia to the Euro semi's and beat the best side getting there in Holland. Guus is a great coach and his name is not bigger then he is.

Personally for me I do not think this story holds any value. It is nice to talk about but I do not think it will ever happen. We are stuck with Diego until at least unil CA 2011.


Anonymous said...


the 1998 holland was definetely better than the 1978 holland, and i think more complete than 1974 holland. yes they were unlucky against brazil. but it was bergkamps talent which won the quarterfinal against argentina, and not hiddink.

in 2008 holland was never the best team. they suck in defense very hard. italy and france were to weak to take advantage it, so it seemed holland is superior to anyone, but russia had very good offensive players and hollands defense failed.

however hiddink helped to create this russian team, but still they were sooo bad in defense and dead balls that it was clear to me they never will win against spain, even with russia's their offensive potential.

and it was hidding's task to eliminate this weak points, and he failed.

2002 south korea should never be mentioned because if the referees help.

hiddink is a good coach, but there are many others who are not worse, just not as famous as he is.


Anonymous said...

Vitalij- Actually it was Ortega's foolish act and Van der Sar's acting that cost Argentina that game. Sure Dennis Bergkamp scored a wonder goal but it is what it is. Argentina could not go up with the side being up a man.

You can not be serious if you believe the 98 was better then the 78 or 74 squad who put total football on the map. And lets not forget the 88 squad that won the European title. If the 98 generation was so strong they should of rolled into 02 which they failed to do so. That 98 team scored some really late goal, 3 goals after the 80th min or so. I believe vs Yugoslavia, Argentina and Brasil.

Guus is a great coach, and he can create wonders for teams but personally I would not mind him coming on board until the WC ends but again Argentina has great coaches.


Anonymous said...

gus is what i call a nearly man, he is a very good coach but he almost does but just cannot win the big games when it counts .
then again i would be happy if he could help diego cause he has little to no idea on coaching

Batigol9 said...

fyi,Hiddink won the champions league with PSV in 1988 and won the Dutch league 6 times,along with the FA Cup with chelsea last year.He is a gr8t coach no doubt.

Anonymous said...

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