Saturday, November 21, 2009

SCOLA Leads Rockets & NOCIONI A Celtic?

The Houston Rockets defeated the Sacramento Kings 113-106, after needing plenty of firepower and some excellent defense down the stretch from Luis SCOLA to help them to achieve just that having almost lost a commanding lead during the game.

SCOLA lead the Rockets with another double-double for him this season, posting 22 points, 12 rebounds plus 2 assists, one steal and a block shot. Among notable highlights from him was he's basket snapped a 101-all tie with 3:41 to play. He followed with two rebounds that helped the Rockets stay ahead.

“It was a really hard and long week,” SCOLA said. “We had some good and bad moments. We fought, we played hard. We can’t always win pretty but tonight was a huge win for us. We needed a win.”

On the opposite end, Andres NOCIONI played his part in almost wrecking the Rockets party. He posted 12 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and one steal. His is playing his best basketball since arriving here from Chicago in February.

However there has been several rumours suggesting of another trade involving him in recent weeks. Some reports suggest that in three way deal, Chapu might be heading to play for the Boston Celtics. We will keep you posted once this is confirm.

In another game, a depleted Milwaukee Bucks continued their winning streak with a 103-98 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. Carlos DELFINO, kept in the starting line up, posted just 3 points and 1 rebound. A MANU-less Spurs end their 3 games losing streak with 106-84 win over the Washington Wizards. Fabricio OBERTO had 2 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 block shot.


Dave said...

Every report coming out of Boston has shot down the Nocioni rumour. They're not interested due to the size of his contract.

This trade isn't going to happen ... at least not now ... if Boston are struggling in February we might see an old team desperately looking for a way to add one more talent to their lineup. But that's about the only way I can see them even (seriously) contemplating taking on Nocioni's deal. And I don't think the C's are going to end up in that type of a situation.

This trade isn't going to happen.

Dave said...

Oh, I loved Oberto's two blocked shots last night. He was picking on the little guards (Parker and Hill).

Particularly the one against Tony Parker. Parker was running in transition, got near the paint, drove left, spun back right like he likes to do, then goes up with his floater ... only Oberto reads the move the whole way and just swats it out bounds.

Oberto must have seen that move a thousand times over the years in San Antonio. He measured it perfectly. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Non NBA news.

Guus Hiddink in line to join forces with Diego Maradona at World Cup

• Dutch coach told to expect approach from Argentina
• Hiddink also linked with return to Chelsea next season

Larry Yocum said...

Nocioni may yet be traded because the Kings have a glut of small forwards and are looking to stay young and shed salary. Nocioni's contract isn't that bad by NBA standards, but would make more sense to a team that is contending. Most teams are looking to gain expiring contracts at the end of this season or 2010-11 because both years have a strong free agent class. Because Nocioni's contract runs through that, teams like Boston are hesitant to take the deal on. Personally, I really like what he is currently bringing to the Kings and that roster has been remade with tough players and they are changing the "soft" tag that they have had for so many years. After not wanting to be in Sacramento initially, it appears that Nocioni is winning over fans, and his teammates have won him over. His comments earlier in the year were positive as he said that he enjoys battling with these guys and they don't quit.

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