Monday, November 09, 2009


Yes, you read it right. Diego MARADONA(and his coaching staff) arrived in Madrid just a few hours ago and one of the first things MARADONA did was announce that PEROTTI has been called-up for the friendly against Spain. PEROTTI, 21, plays for Sevilla and this will be his first call-up with the National Team. For those who don't know, Jonas GUTIERREZ got injured this past week-end while playing for Newcastle(he scored a goal and a few minutes later was substituted off). Whether PEROTTI actually takes part in the match against Spain is another question.

I know this news will make alot of our readers happy as people have been wanting PEROTTI on the National Team since the beginning of the European season back in August.


GK said...

I've heard many good things about Perotti but have yet to see him play. Let's hope he gets a chance against Spain or Nigeria and has a good debut for the Albiceleste. I'm looking forward to seeing him in action.

johnny said...

Tough break for Jonas but nice to see a new face. How badly hurt is Jonas ?

messidona19 said...

Excellent news!!! Perotti can be our new Kily Gonzalez!

Anonymous said...

Perotti is a true gift. From the games I have watched from him this season he has been stellar. Checked Real Madrid through out the game. Now lets just call up Banega,Zarate,Samuel and we should be fine.

messidona19 said...

Yea I watched Zarate against Milan and he was just Amazing! He really is needed to play on the left of the attack with Milito and Higuain the other two attackers.
Messi playing from behind in right Midfield.

pablo.d said...

i agree with messidona,
messi on the right were he plays every week for barca and higuain with milito/saviola up front.
anomyous i also agree we need samuel,zarate,banga and id add saviola to be part of the nt and the nt would be almost perfect (minus a few like collcini,gago,maxi,veron,sharvi etc).
im very pleased to see perotti added as this kid has a lot of talent.

LM10ARG said...

I thought Gutierrez would play as a right back and that was $hitty coloccini won't play...But now it looks like terrible coloccini will play against spain who will own us at the back especially with that crappy defender :(

Anonymous said...

u guys are keep going about SAVIOLA,ZARATE,nobody talks about LICHA LOPEZ who i think along with MILITO are the most undre rated players in da world.

what does (lisandro)needs to do 2b in da national is our best forwards IN my RANKINGS:


by the way(FAT TEVEZ)nedds 200 chances each game to score a i dont consider him as a striker,whats suprise me alot in ENGLAND they still think hes one of da best players in da world,just because he runs like headless chicken they never critisice him as they should.

salvio supporter said...

Anonymous, I think we just talk about the real possibilities. It's not that they're underrated, no way.
Maradona has rejected Milito an Lopez multiple times, even having them in his team, so we better take a look on what could be his next whim and try to support the one we believe fits better.
I would LOVE to have Licha playing every match, but...

GK said...

Does anyone know if Fernando Torres played for Liverpool today? I just saw Spain's call up list for the friendly and Torres wasn't included. Is he still injured or just being rested?

msi2 said...

He's injured, good news i guess.

Anonymous said...

I say bad news because we need all of Spain there so when we beat them there will be no excuses when we beat la furia roja. We will likely be showing off our new jerseys. Higuain and some of our boys play in Copa Del Rey tmr i.e. Higuain,Perotti, not sure about Lio and Kun if they are playing. I think Lio maybe just because he is not in Madrid just yet to meet up with Diego and co. And our jerseys are up for sale on certain websites i.e. and World Soccer Shop. It is around $69.00(US).


John said...

I'll agree with Jack! Furthermore, it's not like Spain is depleted without him.

Joe said...

I am not that familiar whit perotta but alot of you like him sow i will check him out. Regarding our strikers i still rate Teves highly. Whit his speed, agility, skill and stamina he is an exellent player to come in if we want to play the counterattacking game. I saw Lisandros first goal and it was absolutly world class finishing. For now my five forwards for the world cup would be. Higuain, Milito, Teves, Messi, Aguero.

On Maradonas part we can say this. Against very though european opponents he has prevailed. Scotland, France, Russia. Should he get a good result against Spain the critics will turn.

I want him out, but he is not getting out. Lets just hope he becomes like Dunga who had terrible results at first and then turned things around.

Anonymous said...

Zarate's brother makes threats!

auro Zarate Might Declare Himself Available For Italy - Agent
'The Zarate Kid' will declare himself available to Marcello Lippi if Diego Maradona continues to shun him from the Argentina setup...
Nov 10, 2009 8:24:14 PM

Lazio striker Mauro Zarate is fed up with his continuing exclusion from the Argentina side and is considering the possibility of playing for Italy, according to his brother.

Sergio Zarate, who also acts as Mauro's agent, revealed he does not know the reason why Diego Maradona is not calling up the Biancocelesti ace and is running out of opportunities to do so.

"I don't know why Maradona doesn't select him," he told Radio Sei.

"Meanwhile, the Italian Football Federation called us about a month ago to talk about the possibility [of selecting Zarate].

"At the moment we are waiting to see what the Argentina coach decides. Should Maradona continue to ignore him in the coming months, we will consider the idea of playing for Italy."

Zarate has never featured for the Albicelestes' senior side, and is eligible to play for the Azzurri through his Italian mother.

Anonymous said...

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