Thursday, November 12, 2009

"SAVIOLA will get his chance"

MARADONA held his first press conference since the post-Uruguay match blowout on Thursday and had some interesting things to say, specifically about SAVIOLA. Here are some quick notes.

-He said that he talked to a few players behind closed doors and that privacy is very important(in the team).

-He once again re-assured that he and Bilardo are fine, but that they both know their limits.

-He then moved on to talk about Benfica's Argentine trio of Javier SAVIOLA, Angel DI MARIA and Pablo AIMAR. About SAVIOLA, he said that he's scoring goals, he's scored goals everywhere he's been, that "SAVIOLA is SAVIOLA" and that he will get his chance. He mentioned that DI MARIA is shinning at Benfica right now and that AIMAR is "an exceptional player".

-Concerning Spain, MARADONA said that if he can pick one player from Spain's squad it would be XAVI.

-Finally, he talked about MESSI. He said MESSI "must own the team", he's the best in the world and that he must utilize him.

My thoughts? It would be great to see SAVIOLA get a chance with the National Team. He's always done good with Argentina and we must utilize the fact that AIMAR, DI MARIA and SAVIOLA play together.

I think I agree with Diego when he said he would pick XAVI from Spain, he would likely be my choice as well.


Anonymous said...

Quality! Will there be a podcast prior to this game?

Dave P said...

can't wait for the match...anybody heard news about the potential starting XI????

I think the most realistic line up would be....

---MAXI---------------DI MARIA---

King Aguero said...

Aimar is exceptional? Diego your boy Messi looks up to Aimar and hes exceptional to u? lol that shows your ability as a coach and a talent scouter

King Aguero said...

good article

Sebastian said...

Hello to all my friends here!

Unfortunately, for much as we would have LOVED to do a podcast for this friendly with Spain, we won't be able to make it due to work-related reasons.

We found it impossible to get the time to record it and therefore we won't be able to offer you a podcast show.

Sorry for that and thank you for your constant contributions and comments.

There will be more podcasts in the future. No doubt about that.


Feliz cumpleaños, Mike!

Tim said...

If it wasn't for Romero's emergence, I would have probably taken Iker instead of Xavi. :)

Anonymous said...

as i ve said before saviola is worthy of the nt, a team player, no ego and scores goals

johnny said...

I like the rabbit to be part of the squad but still prefer Milito up front. Include Saviola and ditch Carlitos, and definitely don't include Lavezzi.

msi2 said...

sebastian> Have you seen the new theory behind the permanent convacation of Heinze?

Mohd said...

Saviola? yes i would love him to get a chance. but what should Zarate do to be in the squad?

msi2 said...

Sincerely, there cant be a place for everyone in the squad.

johnny said...

Not to forget, Uruguay plays Costa Rica Saturday night in Costa Rica. I believe 11pm Buenos Aires time. I'll be rooting hard for Uruguay. It would be a shame not to see them in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

at the moent the 5 strikers i would take are higuain,saviola,milito,zarate and open place to someone.
messi i consider an attacking right winger/striker.
milito i would like him to be given a chance but im still not convinced about him at the top level as the italian lge is poor and in the ecl against the big teams he has not shined so far,some players are not "big stage" players and i think he is that
i think of him as a very good player but not world class but im happy for him to prove me very wrong.

Lopez,India said...

Sergio Romero

Gabriel Heinze Martin Demichelis Nicolas Pareja,
Christian Ansaldi Jonas Gutierrez

Javier Mascherano
Angel Di Maria Pablo Aimar

Lionel Messi Gonzalo Higuain,

Mike said...

I would like to see this up front. I think it would be very powerful in attack and defense. I know MILITO is not really an option at the moment, but I think he would make a great impact on the team.

------------ Aimar------


Mike (Canada)

Mike said...

the spacing didn't work out for me..
Aimar to the right, and forwad a little more, to fill the gap.

Mike said...

Check this out. Now we knownwhy Freddy krugger can
not die.

Anonymous said...

this is my squad for South africa:

GK; Romero, Carrizo and Ustari.

7 Defenders: Demichellis, Samuel, Garay, Zabaleta, Monzon, Pareja and Insua.

8 midefielders: Mascherano, Maxi rodriguez, Riquelme, Aimar, Di maria, Jesus Datolo/Perotti, Cambiasso, and Messi.

5 Strikers: Higuain, Zarate, Aguero, Tevez and Saviola.

now that's a killer squad guys. Diego can't even pick em like that.

GK said...

I guess we can count out Carlitos for good?

johnny said...

I wish Carlitos would play better and talk less. He's starting to be boring, which I never thought would happen with him.

Mohd said...


i bet you have not been following Banega!
Without being carried away, and based on current form, the only player who is better than him in the world is Xavi.
Maradona is either blind or acting like one in order to keep the horrible Gago in the team.

same thig in attack. Zarate is deadly..he does not have that close ball control like messi (but no one does), but his dribbling is almost as good and he shoots way better. so imagine Zarate and Messi running at defenses!!
still maradona is acting blind in order to keep Aguero in the team.

Anonymous said...

to Mohd..

well aguero is his daughter husband...thats why :(

andaman said...

Ever Banega has been impressive in nearly games. It's like all of a sudden he's found his footing and mature over night. Banega magic since preseason up till now with Valencia. He changed the Valencia coach's mind about selling him to keeping him and put him in the first team period with his form. He did his talking on the pitch.

Banega should be in the NT instead of Gago who I think made the list only because he's with Real Madrid, that's all.

Mohd said...


correction, gago is there because he is ex-Boca :)

Janar said...

I always thought that Diego should have a go as the manager of the Albiceleste. I think he has earned the right. Things are not going well but replacing Diego now will be mad and I can’t see any alternatives unless Guus Hiddink or Wenger suddenly becomes available. The team was playing poorly before Diego took over.

Diego is the reason I watched football and the reason I'm a diehard Argentina supporter. I’m a Tamil who grow up in Denmark but currently living in London, UK.

I have followed this blog for long time but this is the first time I’m leaving a comment.

There are several problems with the team. The main two are the starting eleven and the formation.
The line-up yesterday was ok for me even though I would have liked Zanetti, W.Samuel, Cambiasso, Aimar & Saviola.

If the team is changed every match it’s not going to help. Most people wanted Higuain in the team now they are not sure after just two games. We need a number 9. This can only be filled by Higuain, Milito & Lisandro. I prefer Milito but against some team it should be Higuain or Lisandro because of their work rate.
We also need a number 10. There is only one option for me and that Aimar.

Against Spain the tactic was kicking long balls to Messi & Di Maria without providing any support.
I don’t want to go on but there is plenty of time to get it right.
But players like Coloccini & Gago should not be in the squad. However most of the line-ups suggested by some are too offensive and would not work against the best teams.

In the next friendly I hope Diego will give Saviola, Banega and Zarate a chance

Before the WC 2006 I was sure Argentina was going to win it. When the actual games started I was getting more and more confident until Pekerman got it everything wrong against the Germans.

I think going to the WC without any expectation is a good thing. Hope they win it but if not they should go out with style like in WC 2006.

Anonymous said...

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