Thursday, November 26, 2009

No HEINZE, yes to PALERMO versus Catalunya

Well the list is out for the friendly match against Catalunya on December 22.

Diego POZO (Colón)
Mariano ANDUJAR (Catania).

Nicolás PAREJA (Espanyol)
Martín DEMICHELIS (Bayern Munich)
Nicolás OTAMENDI (Vélez)
Cristian ANSALDI (Rubin Kazan)
Cristian ALVAREZ (Arsenal)

Fernando GAGO (Real Madrid)
Maxi RODRIGUEZ (Atlético Madrid)
Jesús DATOLO (Nápoli)
Angel DI MARIA (Benfica)
Pablo AIMAR (Benfica)
Javier MASCHERANO (Liverpool)
Mario BOLATTI (Huracán)

Gonzalo HIGUAIN (Real Madrid)
Sergio AGUERO (Atlético Madrid)
Lionel MESSI (Barcelona)
Martín PALERMO (Boca)
Ezequiel LAVEZZI (Nápoli)

Do keep in mind that this is, as Seba put it, "a ridiculous friendly match". What bothers me about this list is that this would be a list that Diego would put out against any team, any match. I fear that Diego sees this as our strongest squad, when clearly it's not. I don't mind the inclusion of domestic based players, not at all. In fact, I'm hoping to see MASCHERANO and BOLATTI together in midfield instead of MASCHERANO and GAGO. But what's the point of calling up GAGO, MAXI, PALERMO and LAVEZZI when you have the chance to test out a few young skilled players like PEROTTI, PIATTI, BANEGA(even if he always looks like he's going to get himself red carded), ZARATE, FAZIO and others. SAVIOLA is on fire at the moment and this would be a great time to play AIMAR, DI MARIA and SAVIOLA together.

On the plus side, no HEINZE.


msi2 said...

Roy, Fazio is not playing at Sevilla because he's injured and quite severely. I think we should forget about him until he can get fit.

msi2 said...

Oh and it's not that a ridiculous friendly when you play against Xavi, Iniesta, Piqué, Puyol, Busquets, Bojan probably... this is basically half of Spain!

msi2 said...

No Iniesta, but Fabregas.

johnny said...

I agree with Roy. More questionable call ups and no indication that Maradona is even considering many "over qualified" players for the NT. I understand Seba's deep pessimism about the NT and Argentina's reputation. This farce has been going on so long now that it is all too easy to lose sight of what a joke it is. We get excited when Diego calls up this or that player that has merit, but the bottom line is that there is often no cohesion on the pitch, no obvious attempt to develop a core of talented players that will be counted on every match, and worst of all, no indication that anybody in charge gives a shit.

King Aguero said...

no Tevez as well :>>>>>>>> now im a happy man! nice list except for some players

Sebastian said...

No Diego MILITO either. This is sad.

On the other hand...Christian ALVAREZ! We used to play together when we were very very young.

We used to play what's called 'Baby Fútbol' here in Argentina, but of course we were not babies. We started playing together when I was 6 and he was 5 and we did so for five or six years.

I was born in 1977 and he was born a year later, but since he was so good even at that time, he played 2 matches every weekend. He played for the 1978 team and then he also played with us.

A great guy too. I'm happy for him, although, on the other hand, I'm afraid he'll surely become just another one of Diego's many one-time called up players. Is he trying to set a record? How many already? It has to be between 90 and 70000.

GK said...

Why is this squad released so early? Don't we have a December 6 friendly against Czech Republic or am I mistaken?

It's a shame that Palermo and Lavezzi are still being called when Diego knows Zarate and Saviola are waiting around for their call. This would be a great game to try out Messi in the free roll with Higuian and Zarate up front. And no Heinze? I'm so confused....

Anonymous said...

yet another interesting list with certin players not good enough at the moment and others who deserve a chance not being given a chance or when they are called up given a token 10 mins and then forgotten.
n.s soccernets head story is the gbp 100 million package for aguro to go to cheatski in england and he wants to go.
a bad move i tink as very few argentines do well in england as its seems to suck out their confordince ie veron and tevez.

Anonymous said...

most of those who are called good coach improve in their way of calling so do they with their way of playing none of these qualities is with maradona,

messidona19 said...

Shame that Zarate is still not picked even after declaring that he wishes to play for us. Shame too that Diego Milito is not there too. I'm guessing Maradona chose that bunch.

Palermito69 said...