Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Champions League Matchday 5 - Tuesday Preview

It’s crunch time in Europe as the Champions League group stages reaches its climax and certainly for some big names, its matter of do or die situation. Here are the list Tuesday fixtures involving Argentine players: -

Debreceni vs. Liverpool
Javier MASCHERANO and Emiliano INSUA

Fiorentina vs. Olympique Lyon
Jose Ignacio CASTILLO, Mario SANTANA, Lisandro LOPEZ and Cesar DELGADO

FC Rubin Kazan vs. Dynamo Kiev
Alejandro DOMINGUEZ and Cristian ANSALDI

FC Barcelona vs. Inter Milan
Lionel MESSI, Gabriel MILITO, Javier ZANETTI, Esteban CAMBIASSO, Walter SAMUEL and Diego MILITO

FC Urinea Urziceni vs. Sevilla FC
Pablo BRANDAN, Federico FAZIO, Aldo DUSCHER, Lautaro ACOSTA and Diego PEROTTI

AZ Alkmaar vs. Olympiacos
Sergio ROMERO, Luciano GALETTI and Christian LEDESMA

MASCHERANO and INSUA will hoping for some favour from Licha LOPEZ and DELGADO as a win for Fiorentina against Lyon means end of the road for Liverpool’s Champions League campaign. Tricky isn’t it?

But nothing gets more trickier than what is happening in Group F, with just two points separating Inter and bottom place Kiev. The Nerrazzurri will travel to face a MESSI-less Barca with a win would secure their place in the next round.

But that could also means that Barcelona will also be in trouble of going out early, a proposition which I’m not interested at all. Euro giant killers Kazan will bank on the shoulder of their mercurial talent Chori DOMINGUEZ for a win at home against Kiev, which will put the three points clear for Barca.

The Albiceleste contingent of Seville are most likely to secure top post in Group G against Romanian side Urinea. Greek giant Olympiacos could also book their place in the knockout stage with a win against ROMERO’s Alkmaar.


johnny said...

It would be interesting to see a poll of Mundo followers regarding who they are pulling for: Inter or Barca ? I hope both make it through, but I am partial to Inter. So many argentinos playing for Inter !

Anonymous said...

is this reality about quite a few of our players as when the aicd is on(ie the big games) they are just not good enough?
todays games barca v inter (the big one today) and barca owned inter and liverpool are out.
i do think a lot of out players a not as good as we would like to believe they are.
this was a chance for the likes of zenetti,milito,samuel,camb etc to shine and so far inter have looked poor in the champs lge and as for liverpool hmmmmm.

King Aguero said...

Dominguez is needed on the NT

msi2 said...

pablo.d, i have already expressed my opinion about the true level of many of our players, i dont think there are that good.

What barça showed yesterday is they can do very well without Messi, sincerely.

Iniesta... what a player for god's sake.

Batigol9 said...

yesterday's game showed how much Spain's players are supreme to the Argentines (other than Messi).I hope Spain meets Brazil in the WC and knock each other out.

Mohd said...


do not agree. yesterday barca did well. but on many other occasions they needed messi to win them matches. so maybe they can win couple of matches, but on the long run they cannot win trophies without messi.

King Aguero,

i wanted to raise the same point. i have been following this guy for some time now, and he is a really great player. skillful and effective...but if zarate is not selected then i doubt he will.

speaking of zarate: