Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Diego to watch the balls on TV

The ridiculous FIFA has banned the ridiculous MARADONA (the manager) for a ridiculous two months, during which we will play a ridiculous friendly match against Catalunya and we will surely be placed in a ridiculously hard World Cup group again...

But when 4 December comes and the World Cup draw takes place in South Africa, Diego MARADONA won't be able to be in attendance as he is suspended by FIFA to perform any activity related to his job as a national team manager.

On one hand, Diego should be relieved because he won't be missing any action in the World Cup. Had he been suspended for any number of official matches, he would have been bound to miss all or at least some of the Argentina matches in the World Cup.

On the other, Diego got a two-month suspension and the World Cup draw happens to fall inside that window and therefore we won't have a manager in attendance, thanks to his ridiculous comments.

Carlos BILARDO has already announced that he won't be in attendance either as it would be wrong to take Diego's place there, in what is another ridiculous statement for someone that was supposed to be helping MARADONA and our national team and instead is washing his hands and staying out of the fire front. I can't remember an official who was less willing to take an active role (or any role for that matter).

There you go...we continue to be the laughing stock for all the world to see and chances are we could be the only national team without proper representatives at the World Cup draw ceremony.


Anonymous said...


i really believe argentina will get an easy group this time, at least much easier than 2002 and 2006. there are many strong african nations this time, so it is not easy to become an easy group at all.

but it would tooo suspicious if argentina will get the death group for 3rd time in row. also the fifa wants argentina/maradona to survive the groupstage just for money reasons. maybe even brazil and germany will get harder groups this time than argentina.


GK said...

Should we really be that concerned that Diego won't be there to represent Argentina? I think we should maybe even be releaved that he won't be there the embarass us even more so than he already has. I do agree however that Bilardo should step up and represent us.

salvio supporter said...

Don't worry, Heinze will be there for us. Who cares anyway, just give us an easy group and we're done with it (and though Vitalij point on the money needs is true, remember that chances are we're gonna lose with the lamest team ever instead of the harder one... we're not a real team anymore to avoid this).

msi2 said...

After this WC i want the 86' generation out of the NT (youth and senior). They are an embarassment!

Roy said...

I don't think it's a big deal that Diego will not get to attend the draw. As long as they don't freaking let Pele pick out the balls, I think we should be good.

msi2, you're not the only one. Our youth side has been ruined. I feel bad for Pekerman. All his work undone in not even a year. For Christ's sake, just get Pekerman back :(.

Our U17 side was a joke. We never played well in that tournament and we conceded 3 goals in the second half? Joke.

Our senior side... well, no explination needed.

Anonymous said...

its a lot more then the just the coaching staff,
i think another big problem is too many players at a very young age go to europe and they never get to play the argentine way and those who do soon forget and play like europeans.
this is not good for the nt as when we play other teams they all know how to play our players as they see them all the time and have they have nothing new to offer.

LaTiNo said...

If I was the AFA-boss I would send NO-ONE to the draw ceremony (hoax).

First, to protest to the ridiculous banning of Diego, second to protest about the ever-ridiculous decision NOT to use video-images in games (Henry anybody?).
And finally third: to protest beforehand to the staged draws in which South-Africa, France and Brasil are going to get easy groups.

Anonymous said...

argentina also play czech Republic wed 16th dec 09

how can you forget this seba??

Anonymous said...

I believe the Czech game got canceled. I know it is still up on FIFA.Com but I believe it will be vs Catalonia. The Czech game was supposed to be in Argentina vs local player sort of like Ghana.

Anonymous said...

its still on not cancelled

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