Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tonight, Tall Albiceleste To Take On Boomers

Its crunch time for the Tall Albiceleste as tonight they will take on the Australian Boomers. Both teams will be seeking for some redemption after losing their first game. This is goes to show there are no easy games in the Olympics.

The Boomers too would have probably learned their lesson from the recent defeat against us in the FIBA Diamond Ball. In that game, Manu & Co. needed to overcome a huge deficit before the winning 95-91.

Undoubtedly, we need to improve in many aspects, particularly in offense. Our defense worked very well for much of the game and was superior to the bigger players.

" We have to improve a lot and not to commit so many errors. The important thing is that you put your heart in the game and we have to succeed as a team. Australia in good measures knows exactly where we stand " Manu GINOBILI said.

Luis SCOLA echoed Manu " In the World Championships in Indianapolis and Japan, we had won all our games but lost in the finals and semifinals respectively. At the Olympic Games in Athens, we lost two matches and won the gold medal. Nothing is confirmed here, the only thing that we must do is to continue to improve. "

At present the availability of Carlos DELFINO, who was superb from the bench, is uncertain as he has not been training due to the injury on his Achilles.

I’m confident in our boys to win this game as they always showed their fighting spirit when it really matter. The game will tip off 2215 local time.


halley said...

i agree that olympic games are hard to win because both sides are eager. despite the loss of argentina against the lithuanians, i can say that my confidence is with them. they fell short and like what manu has said, they shouldn't commit too many errors.

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tehaboo said...

yup i agree with halley which on Olympic game is more then usual tough.It hard to win and unpredicted,maybe it some times getting better on luck.It can be predicted just on viewing on paper result.small Lucky will getting better on each side,see Lithuanians...we can said it all about luck by just 2.1second left on the game huh!

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Anonymous said...

Argentina 85-68 Australia

Chrisangelo said...

I thought they're going to have a tough time against the Boomers last night but I guess I was wrong. They went on and exploded from the get go and proved that they're still the Argentinian Basketball Team that won the Olympics in Athens.

Manu really is a monster, if that game is an indication of how his foot is healing.. well, he looked like 110% to me.

Croatia vs Argentina should be interesting.

- Chrisangelo, Hoops Philippines