Friday, August 08, 2008

The Opening Ceremony

With the football tournament already underway (one which we’re glad that our boys got off to a good start), it’s time for the most important event in the Summer Games, The Opening Ceremony.

As always, we can expect plenty of fireworks and extravaganza performance of Chinese culture to be on display. Not to forget, the torch lighting ceremony, the true idea and symbol of sportsmanship.

Of course as soon as the delegate marching takes place, we would not have to wait that long to see the Albiceleste Army marching into the Bird’s Nest stadium. It will be great moment to see Manu GINOBILI (our hero from Athens) carry the blue and white flag and leading them with honour.

I’m sure there will other great moments during the ceremony. Therefore I’m going to leave this space for you to let us know which one is your personal favourite.

Again, with time not on my side, I would need to rush home so that I can catch the opening ceremony just in time. Will catch with the rest of you later.


Anonymous said...

Will the football team involve in the delegate marching? Any idea?

andaman said...

WOW It's so zen-like. Elegant but simple and deep like chinese painting, don't know how to describe but I love it. It use people so it has human quality to it. Love the drum countdown. That was cool. And the chinese character wave....great from start to finish really.

I don't think the boys were in the athlete march. Since they have a game on Sunday and they're in Shanghai and all which is a shame. Manu was the flag bearer (this how you call it). They all look nice and cool in white and blue.

My country Thailand wore grey which is surprising since yellow is our good luck color this year but they also look good.


Ruben Oscar said...

Dear Seba, it was the best opening ceremony that I saw.
My coworkers told me that your reports are excellent. Congratulations !!

John said...

You're right Andaman. Footballers have been left out of the opening ceremony because their based elsewhere not in the main city.

It's a shame that things had to be this way. Imagine how would have the crowd reacted if they saw MESSI, RIQUELME and the rest march together?