Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Football Final (Match Thread)

Okay, I know it’s a little bit early for this but I’m sure I’m not the only one who just can’t wait to start talking about tomorrow all important final. After all I’m still smiling when I think about our game against Brazil.

Furthermore with time not on my side, I supposed I should just post this article now so that we can all kick start our countdown for tomorrow’s game.

The Bird’s Nest Stadium has already seen many great moments throughout these games but a stadium is not BAPTISED until a football match is played there. More importantly it must be Argentina and with the blessing of the greatest of them all, Diego MARADONA.

I’m happy to see Diego making his presence felt here as it only adds more colour in what could be the best ever Summer Games.

So far I’ve got no news on the team’s line up but I do believe Checho will maintain the same starting eleven that played against Brazil. Please do update the rest of us here incase if I’m wrong.

Nicholas PAREJA
Ezequiel GARAY
Luciano MONZON
Fernando GAGO
Lionel MESSI

About the match, I guess it could be close one. Nigeria too is no pushovers judging by their semi-final result. Like us, they too will be looking for revenge after losing in the 2005 World Youth Championship in Holland.

I still remember the last final between us and Nigeria. Unfortunately for me I could not watch the game as Malaysia was hit by a nationwide blackout back then. And I’ll never forget that goal from Emmanuel AMUNIKE.

As for the prediction, mine is a 2-0 win with goals from Lionel and Kun. So what’s you outcome of the game? Enjoy!


Lopez, India said...

Even though Nigeria is tough team.. Argentina will trash them by 4-0 .. I am not kidding ..but its a fact. Argentina is in full form ..this team can beat anyone.
Lionel messi will be player of the game.

God bless Argentina and Seba for doing good work.

Take care ...bye

Viva Argentina !!!!!

Akash said...

Today Las Leonas defeated Germany 3-1 in the Bronze medal match.This is their 3 consecutive medal in the Olympics.The goals:Burkart,Rebecchi and Barrionnuevo.This takes our talley to 1 Gold and 3 Bronze.

crespoganesh said...

All the best to Argentina..a comprehensive 3-1 win.......vamos argies...heard that maradona is to become a grandpa soon...let the legend continues...May the force be with argies!!!

crespoganesh said...

All the best to Argentina..a comprehensive 3-1 win.......vamos argies...heard that maradona is to become a grandpa soon...let the legend continues...May the force be with argies!!!

allan ng said...

Nigeria will be tough, but we have strength, speed and skill to beat them.

Messi and Aguero will score for us.

allan ng said...

Half and hour gone and still 0:0.

Everybody stopped for a drink of water. This is the wrong time of the day for the game. It is not just the temperature, it is the very high humidity.

allan ng said...

Half time 0:0.

Neither team produced any real chances. Messi had a penalty claim denied. Di Maria had a good long shot on goal pushed away by Nigeria goalkeeper.

Nigeria had a cross which two Argentine defenders missed and Issac Promise almost scored, but Romero saved.

allan ng said...

Goal!!!! Di Maria!!! Beautiful chip!!!!

GReat pass by Messi!

allan ng said...

Final score 1:0. We have won again! The game got boring near the end as we closed shop. The weather was simply too hot for football.

darko said...

Di Maria was fantastic the whole tournament!
I know that is too early but if he isn't in the squad for the WC 2010... let's say i would be very pissed. :)

It's the GOLD!!!

andaman said...


Anonymous said...

I hate to say I told you so about Di Maria but well I told you so! He has been a favorite player of mine for a couple years now. I was really happy to see him in the team and boy did he show that he is going to be a force in the future. Riquelme had a BAD game, Aguer BAD game, Messi had a few moments, Di Maria played very well but gave up the ball a few times, Garray in the back was a bit weak. Now this worries me about South Africa 2010 I hope and prey most of the games will be @ night. Well it has been a VERY good Olympics. I will come away with a lot of good memories!


allan ng said...

2004 Olympic Games Football
2005 World Youth Cup
2007 World Youth Cup
2008 Olympic Games Football

We have won every significant youth tournaments since 1984, now we must win in 2010 South Africa.

But before that we also have to win next year's World Youth Cup.

Jaggs said...

Its a great victory for us and important one. Now looking for 2010 Worldcup and i will be in south africa to watch. this ia gr8 month for me India won first solo gold medal and Argentina won football gold medal. Quality speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...
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VJ Rabid said...

Congrats on the Albiceleste soccer gold! Nigeria was tough, but Argentina looked very poised. That Di Maria goal was pure magic!

I love the way the future is looking for Argentina. For example, in Beijing, I can only remember Brazil for Ronaldinho - and he's a 28-year old senior member exception.

However, Argentina was carried all Games long by the young guns such as Messi, Aguero, Gago and Di Maria. Quite a contrast - and the right way to go!

johnny said...

I read today that Coco has added Di Maria to the senior squad for the upcoming WC Qualifiers. Just a little over two weeks from now. More fun !