Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How I lived Argentina 3-0 Brazil


Sorry, I needed to get that shout off my chest!

I lived the game wearing my official uniform and surrounded by an estimate of 200 Brazilian journalists (of which 150 knew me from my time in Rio).

They were there ready for a repeat of the Copa America final. In fact, I think they are still calling me to laugh at me after that 3-0 massacre of Maracaibo.

Only this time I couldn't celebrate, or shout, or even smile at them! I was in 'danger'. So, under the table at the press tribune, I grabbed Francis' shorts (such is the English name of one of the volunteers who work with me) and I almost ripped them apart everytime Argentina scored.

That match meant the world to me. I have always lived the rivalry against Brazil with an absolute passion and after I spent almost a year there, that passion increased and the importance of the result too.

It was revenge. It was the chance to make them wait for another four years to try and win the only major football tournament they have never won. The opportunity to extend our unbeaten run at the Olympics to 12 matches. And most importantly, the chance to go to the beautiful Bird's Nest to watch my team going for their second consecutive gold medal.

I don't think I could have asked for a better result and for a better performance. All our players were immense and we reduced Brazil to have them look as an average side.

Nigeria won't be easy. OBASI, that speedy number 7, could be a nightmare for us, but I bet they have more players to be worried about than we do.

I've read all your comments in previous posts and I'm glad you've chosen Mundo Albiceleste once again to follow yet another Argentina match.

I believe it's only 5 minutes before kickoff for Argentina v Belarus and I'm not going to be able to watch it. I rely on John and your comments here to find out what happens.

And wait for John's take on the great Tall Albiceleste's qualification to the semis of the basketball tournament where the USA will be waiting.

A shame about Las Leonas. I watched the game on TV and they played terribly. Nothing happened for them and Netherlands took them apart, but I believe John is going to post more about it.

By for now.



Esteban said...

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regards from Rosario, Argentina...

Roy said...

0-0 at half time. I watched half of it. Coloccini hit the crossbar from like 2 meters out with a minute left in the first half. From what I saw we have most of the posession.

johnny said...

27 minutes into the second period. 0-0. What a difference from yesterday. Pretty boring, and at times ugly. Belarus appears to be playing with more passion, though out talented. I'll need some major will power to keep on watching.

Anonymous said...

How is Tevez doing?

johnny said...

Carlitos never could free himself and get off a good shot. Substituted about 15 minutes from time.

Final. 0-0. I hope somebody who really needed the money made some off this. Otherwise an ugly waste of time.

Lucas Guerrero said...

What a nice victory of Argentina against Brazil! I hope that the national team would reach the golden medal! Please, watch my page. Thank's you!

Anonymous said...

Time to get rid of Basile! Even with this team which is not a bad team at all, Argentina should of won by at least a couple of goals. I came home pretty happy to watch the game but it was horrible and I feel asleep watching it. Even the first 30min or so I kept fast forwarding. If Argentina does come away with gold, Basile maybe the man. I hope to god that Pato wont be the GK in the next two years.


Anonymous said... reports that Real Madrid is going after Di Maria.


allan ng said...

Seba and John, thanks for creating this blog where we can come and share our love for the Albiceleste. I saw us fall in the World Cup and Copa America, then triumph in the World Youth Cup in Canada.

Now with this sweet victory over Brazil, I believe we are destined to win the second consecutive Gold Medal at the Olympics!!! Vamos Argentina!!!

Anonymous said...

Great form for U - 23 but the senior team did very bad .How can we draw the team like Belarus .What "s happen ?
No Pato and no Cruz ,What "s about Coco .It "s time for him to be retired


andaman said...

I've watched the Argentina-Brazil game again and again and don't get tired of it. Sweet revenge. Some of the people I know that rooted for Brazil have been saying from the start that they'll win the gold medal. They want it so bad. Now they changed their tune to it's just Olympics, not the world cup. Ha, ha licking their wounds.

The game with Belarus last night was boring but I like Jonas. He was the best of the lot. Bahhh...Basile is getting on my nerve more and more.

johnny said...

Boca Juniors' and the U23's fullback Fabian Monzon just transferred from Boca to Hamburg in Germany.