Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Argentina vs. Serbia (Goals)


Monica 08 said...

Like the video in Spanish from Telemundo! Got to admit if it wasn't for Stojkovic being a good goalkeeper (even saving penalties) Argentina might have won by a goleada.

Lucas Guerrero said...

Thanks for you comment, I hope you keep reading our page! Messi and Riquelme didn't play to avoid getting hurt, but we'll be able to see them in quarter finals. And it was amazing to see Koby Bryan watching the game, a proud for the argentinos. Bye!

allan ng said...

We now have to play Holland in the quarter finals.

The game will be tough but I am sure our boys will make it. This Holland side is quite physical, they did win the UEFA U21 C'ship last year. We have to perform at our best.

John said...

Okay my take on the game now.

Once again, many chances wasted and a couple of scary moment from the Serbian. But in the end, I was really sure that

That little boy BUONANOTTE is truly pocket dynamite. At first I was really afraid for him (because of his size!) but I was amazed that he a lot guts to take on bigger player. What a classical free kick that was!

I hope to see more of him as the Games go on.

The next time if we are involved in a penalty shoot out, somebody should remind the coach to ask DI MARIA to take never ever again.

Of course I’m a bit overwhelmed by the fact that we top our group with a 100% win. But the only thing that bothers me is the approach that has been taken by Checho. Looks too tactical and technical to me.

Or maybe I’ve been comparing this team too much with the one that played in Athens. Checho’s is more calm in his approach while El Loco BIELSA was more favored for the run & gun approach.

Now we look forward to play against the Netherlands.

And yeah! Kobe Rules!

Some news from tennis…

Our medal prospect has come to an end. David NALBANDIAN was defeated by Gael MOFLIS 6-4 & 6-4.

While our women’s doubles Gisela DULKO/Betina JOZAMI was ousted by Russian pair Elena VESNINA/Vera ZVONAREVA 3-6 & 2-6.

Volly said...

Where does Pareja play, the guy reminds me a bit of Ayala. Not the most technical of defenders but hard as nails and with a very good pass in his boots. And I haven't even heard him, seems like he came out of nowhere lol!

John said...

Thanks for droppng Volly!

PAREJA plays for Belgian side Anderletch.