Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today's Action - Las Leonas & Tall Albiceleste

Our football team is through to the quarter-finals and our hope in tennis has ended in the third round. Our other medal hope will be in action later on and both have an equally crucial assignments.

Las Leonas Must Start Winning

What did our women field hockey team had in common from their first two games? They dominated, pile on the pressure, secured a comfortable lead and switch off. Then trouble starts.

Something they must not repeat when they take on the Japanese side today. Their opponent is also unbeaten from their previous game against New Zealand (2-1) and USA (1-1).

They know that they MUST win today and only that can help to lift the team’s morale and confidence.

Team captain Magdelena AICEGA said “We are not going to talk about luck or anything like that. I believe in this group and I think we are going to win the three matches and we will qualify”.

The match will start at 1830 hours local time.

Argentina Awaits Croatia

After a convincing win against the Boomers, the Tall Albiceleste will take on Croatian, another European heavyweight from their Group.

It has been along time since the days of Toni KUKOC, Drazen PETROVIC & Dino RADJA but this team looks to be very impressive so far. They have won their first two games including one over Eurobasket winner Russia. They do shoot very well. In players like Zoran PLANINIC, Marko POPOVIC & Nikola PRKACIN they have formidable side.

Manu & Co have managed found their usual rhythm and confidence in the team is definitely sky high. Of course, the Croats are not even close to what the Aussies can be. They should know what to expect judging by the match against Lithuania. This is a crucial test for them as this could determine the outcome on the classification in the group.

I have some cause for concern about SCOLA & OBERTO as I fear they could struggle against the Croats big men. It will be crucial for Manu & Chapu to step and shoot well.

The game will tip off time at 2215 local time.


Anonymous said...

what time in argentina will the basketball game be?? thanks

John said...

In Malaysia, the game will tip off at 10.15 pm. There is a 12 hours difference between us and South America. So I supposed it could be around 10.15am in Argentina.

Anonymous said...

thanks mate i live in melbourne austraia so that would be at 12.15am over there vamos argentina

Anonymous said...

11.15 in Argentina

AndyPeceto said...

Espero que el equipo de básket finalmente juegue como por nombres se indica que deben jugar, aunque la defensa del oro es bastante utópica.

Buen laburo el que hacés, che. Gracias por pasar.

Anonymous said...

Las Leonas defeated Japan 2-1,while Argentina defeated Croatia 77-53

Anonymous said...

What a win!