Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starting Eleven Against Belarus Confirm

After Checho BATISTA magnificent triumph in Beijing, tonight the senior team will take on Belarus in friendly match in Minsk. This match will be testing ground for Coco BASILE as next World Cup qualifier is around the corner, against Paraguay on the 6th of September.

Coco has named the following as the starting eleven:



TEVEZ and German DENIS
An interesting line up, I must say. Especially when you think that Coco has opt to give CARRIZO a break. TEVEZ makes a return to the team will play on the same pitch again with COLOCCINI and GUTIERREZ (they did play against each other Man Utd were held at home by Newcastle Utd).

I’m looking forward to see how German DENIS will link with TEVEZ up front though I know this might be something temporary. As I did predicted earlier Lucho will be the playmaker. I do hope Coco will allow the rest of team some minutes on the field as well.

By the way, apparently the entire team was watching the ARG-BRA match via internet as they were no direct telecast in Belarus (what!). After the match the celebration continued as it was also Pato’s birthday. A day earlier it was CAMBIASSO’s birthday.

On behalf of Mundo, Happy birthday to both of them


progott said...

Tevez didn't play against Newcastle on sunday. He flew back to argentina before the game because of a death in his family.

johnny said...

Thanks for that Progott, I was wondering where Carlitos was the other day. By the way, I thought Gutierrez played real well against ManU and I hope he is in Coco's plans from here on out.

Akash said...

half time:Las Leonas 0-3 Holland

Akash said...

final:Las Leonas 2-5 Holland