Friday, August 15, 2008

Leonas Wins, Tall Albiceleste Cruise!!!

Tangible Win for Las Leonas

The Japanese team took a lot of lesson from USA and GBR on how to take on our ladies. They took a very defensive approach from the start of the game.

This approach proves to be very frustrating for La Maga AYMAR and the rest. They are not happy with the way things are going. After their Champions Trophy triumph in June, they were dubbed one of the favorites, but so far none of the brilliance they showed in Mönchengladbach has come through.

They had to wait after the second half the break the deadlock with a deflected shot by Alejandra GULLA in the 37th minute. Las Leonas double their lead in the 51st minute through Claudia BURKART.
Now the question is can they hold on? For one moment it did look like they might blew up everything they work hard for when Keiko MIURA pulled one back, with four minutes left.

But this time Las Leonas held on to collect their first three points of the tournament.

Whooping Performance from the Tall Albiceleste

To be honest with everyone, I was really nervous about this game. It became even worse when neither side were able to make their shots. It took almost three minutes to make the first basket and after that the floodgate started to open. In the end Sergio HERNANDEZ boys went on to win comfortably 77-53.

Despite of their impressive start of the tournament, the Croatian were no match against our boys. An interesting not is that not even one of their players had double digits in that game.

Andres NOCIONI without a doubt was the extreme hustler throughout the game. He posted a game high performance with 18 points and 8 rebounds. Manu GINOBILI had 14 points & 8 assist while Luis SCOLA posted 12 points. Super sub Carlos DELFINO also had a big game with 15 points & 6 rebounds from the bench.

Next up Argentina will take on Iran, an opponent they are expected to win easily.


[Marto] said...

Thank you for your comment in my blog.
Why do you have a blog about Argentina in Malaysia?

Túlio said...

Hello John! Great Blog! I really didn`t see the match because was on TV here in Argentina too early... But I hope they bring here the golden medal! Abrazo!

Juan Pablo Alberico said...

HI john!!, tahnks for live us a note on our blog. My english is like your spanish sorry!. I think that las leonas did not play bad, but they can´t play the whole 60 minutes in the same level, what I mean is that they play fine at the beginning of the matches and then when they match a goal las leonas inmediatly back off, they don´t remain agressive like the minutes before, thats why las leonas allow the other teams to attack them. but you know you are just only peoples disccusing something we don´t know perfectly, we do what we can. thanks again and I hope you keep visiting us !!

John said...

Hi Marto, I'm actually a Malaysian and have been supporter of Argentina for as long as I can remember. Thanks for your comment by the way.

Also thanks to Tulio & Alberico!

I'm not saying that the Leonas are playing bad but it looks like they are not playing that good either.

They must improve on their defense because this could be a problem when they go up against stronger team later on.

adrian said...

Hello!!!...esta buenisimoo el blog, muy buena iniciativa seguir al deporte argentino desde tan lejos...


Adrian Pereyra