Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Road Blocks Ahead

I have a question for all you but before that I would like to share something here.

Last Saturday was without a doubt a great day for the Argentinean contingent. I’ll cheer to that but the road towards a podium finish is never going to be easy. Trust me that I want to see our teams grabbing gold above anything else but there is a slight possibility (on a worst case scenario) that we could even end up empty handed.

Our first road block will come this Wednesday, when Sergio BATISTA and his team take on Brazil in the semis. An Argentina/Brazil football match in any level is a sure classic encounter. The stake can’t even get any better, a chance to win gold in the final (the one thing Brazil have never won and we all know just how much they hate us for that!).

I hate to admit this but the Boys in Yellow have been in great form. Of course if there is one thing that we have and they don’t is Lionel MESSI. On his best, there is no stopping this little flea but against our big rival, it is obvious that we need the whole team to play the match of their lives.

Why I’m saying this? The last thing I want to see is RONALDHINO & Co up there on the podium collecting their gold medals at our expenses.

Next up is basketball; Manu & Gang are back to their very best after notching their third consecutive victory last Saturday against Iran. However the defeat against Lithuania may prove to be too costly indeed.

Having sealed our place as the runner’s up from Group A, most likely our opponent in the quarter final could be either Greece or China. Either one, we should have enough fire power to win but the worst has yet to come.

From the way it looks like, it is the United State that will stand in our way in the semis. The Redeem Team has been amazing throughout the competition so far. It is very unlikely that they will want go back without the gold medal.

So far, NO team has managed to match or even compete with them. It will take a gallant effort from our basketball team to repeat their great achievement from 2004.

Finally our other medal hopeful, the ladies from Las Leonas. It’s good to see that they are in good form after their win over Germany. However there is a price to pay from the two draws they suffered at the hands of USA & Great Britain.

Currently, Germany leads the standing in Pool B (9 points from 3 defeats and a defeat) while Las Leonas occupies the second spot (8 points from 2 wins and 2 draws).

Unless if Germany fails to win its final group game to Japan and our ladies beat New Zealand, we will finish on top of our group. Or Germany loose to Japan, and we draw with New Zealand. Anything else, we could end up as Pool B runners up.

Should that happens; we could face the prospect of meeting the World Champion Netherlands in the semi-final. Not that I fear the Oranje Ladies but I would rather meet them in the final.

Indeed, tough road on the way but all hope is not lost just yet. So now here is my question, what do you think about the Albiceleste chances?


halley said...

i know exactly what you mean. team USA is doing really good and that's for the reason that they're mostly composed of nba players. what i'm simply saying is that they have the most advantage. argentina, too, is composed of a number of nba players and what sets them aside from team USA is that they've done this before, together -as a team with balance, and that's one of argentina's advantage. with huge greek or maybe chinese road blocks, i'm pretty confident about Manu and the others. just as long as they remain calm, focused, and balanced, argentina will make it!

allan ng said...

China just lost to Greece so I think Argentina will be playing Greece. That will make it easy for me to decide which team to support!

As for the football game, my Brazilian friend once told me there are no friendlies between Argentina and Brazil. So I guess both countries will come to a standstill on Tuesday.

Dunga is likely to repeat what he did to us at the Copa America last year by asking his players to commit lots of fouls in midfield to slow down our attacks. They are not worried about freekicks from midfield because we don't really have anyone who can head the ball in the area. This is worrying.

Akash said...

Today Las Leonas defeated New Zealand 3-2 in their last group match and sealed a place in the semi finals where they will play against the Netherlands.The Albiceleste goals were scored by:Rebecchi,Soledad Garcia and Russo.

Anonymous said...

All the stars have lined up for breaking down the Chinese empires biggest test. Lets hope they win them all. It would have been better if Argentina faced USA in the gold medal game, to take a silver. Truthfully I don't think the tall men will bear USA, but I have my hopes up high.

John said...

Both the Las Leonas & the basketball team finished off their pool campaign with a win.

It was very unlikely that the ladies were going out unless they were to loose by 7 goals. Carla REBECCHI strike first in the 15th minute. The Kiwis equalized through Niniwa ROBERTS in the 33rd minute.

Two quick goals from Soledad GARCIA & Marine RUSSO ensured Las Leonas though Lizzy IGASAN did pull one back for the Black Sticks, it was too little too late.

Playing in front of the great Diego MARADONA, Argentina trounced EUROBASKET 2007 winner Russia 91-79.

Luis SCOLA was the big performer of the game with 37 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal & 2 block shots. Andres NOCIONI posted 19 points & 9 rebounds. Manu GINOBILI had 12 points. Pablo PROGIONI posted 11 points & 10 assists.

With Greece defeating China 91-77, Argentina will play them in the quarter-finals. The winner will mostly likely play team USA.

allan ng said...

Goal Aguero!!!

Great cross from Di Maria.

halley said...

i'd love to hear your opinion about the matchups for the quarterfinals of the men's basketball.