Friday, August 08, 2008


Welcome to Beijing 2008!

It was spectacular. It was beautiful. It was amazing. It was simply perfect. It lived up to it's billing and expectation. Well done to the Organizing committee for giving us a great show. There is nothing much I can say as it was all well displayed in front us our own eyes.


John said...

Apart from our delegation, there were plenty of big names
throughout the march past ceremony. Most notbsly would be
the Swiss team lead by tennis superstar Roger FEDERER.

Basketball was well represented with the likes Sarunas JASIKEVICIUS (Lithunia) , Dirk NOWITZKI (Germany), Andrei KIRILENKO (Russia) and YAO Ming (China) leading their respective nations.

Now, these are the Albiceleste schedule to take part for today.

Later on, the ladies football team will face Sweden where they have to win to keep some hopes of progressing further. Tough encounter for our ladies considering that they will be facing one of the top team in the world.

In beach volleyball, Martin CONDE & Mariano BARACETTI will face the Swiss pair of HEYER/HEUSCHER.

Boxing will see Ezequiel MADERNA take on American Shawn ESTRADA in the Men's Middle (75kg) category.

Maria PALAZZOLO will participate in the Rowing Women's Single Sculls Heat 1. Santiago FERNANDEZ will take part in the Men's version.

Good luck to all of them, Vamos Argentina!!!

John said...

Latest result....

Maria PALAZZOLO finished fourth in her heat, clocking 7:58:60. She made it to the next round.

Seba said...

And we've got our first medal! Paola PARETO won bronze in judo (less than 48kg).

An unexpected medal has come our way in the first day of competition after the opening ceremony.

I've been to the dress rehearsal a few days before the ceremony and I was completely amazed after witnessing that incredible show first hand. Of course they didn't show how they were going to light the cauldron and they kept a few things as surprises. But I got to see the drummers and all the rest of the performances and it was unforgettable. It'll leave me such great memories for my entire life!

Today I was sent to the beach volleyball venue to help out during the day and I got to interview our team CONDE/BARACETTI which lost 2-0 against a Swiss pair. They were very frustrated but they still have chances to progress in the competition.

And guess what? Tomorrow (Sunday), I'll get to attend the first matches of the basketball tournament!

I'm going to watch Argentina v Lithuania! I still can't believe it because I wasn't supposed to be attending those games and it came as a surprised.

Bonus track? I get to stay for the entire day and I'll watch the Dream Team taking on YAO Ming and his Chinese national team in what I'm sure will be a packed stadium!

In other news...Los Pumas lost 63-9 to the Springboks after leading 9-0. And our female football national team lost to Sweden 1-0 and they have no chances to advance to the second round because all the other teams in the group have 1 win and 1 draw (4 points) while Argentina lost their first two matches.

Seba said...

A correction: Argentina have no points but Sweden only have 3 instead of four. Since the two best third-placed teams will advance to the next round, mathematically Argentina still have chances. Problem is...they need to beat China and wait for Canada to do the same with Sweden. And goal difference will also be important.

johnny said...

Waaayyyy off topic ! Hey Seba-PABLO MIGLIORE has been loaned to Racing !

John said...

Osvaldo MADERNA was knockout of the boxing men's middle (75kg) category by American Shawn ESTRADA.