Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Last 24 Hours

The Good News

Despite feeling disappointed on their semi-final defeat to the Netherlands, Las Leonas came back strongly to beat Germany 3-1 for the bronze medal in the Women's Field Hockey Event.
Rosario LUCHETTI, Carla REBECCHI & Noel BARRIONUEVO were the scorer of that match. The results means Argentina will maintain themselves in the podium at the Games since 2002.

The Not So Good News

First they had to play without their Manu and then suffered a total blow out in the first quarter. I kept wondering what would have the outcome been if it wasn't for these two factors.

But in the end the strong character showed by our players were truly amazing, especially in the second quarter. We did gave the Americas some frightening moment, that's a fact even they won't deny.
Yes! Argentina did loose the game (81-101) but we went out with our heads held high (unlikely the type of arrogant sportsmanship as portrayed by Carmelo ANTHONY). Luis SCOLA carried the team proudly with 28 points & 11 rebounds. Carlos DELFINO who took on the mantle from GINOBILI, did great too with 17 points & 8 rebounds.

Tommorow they will play for the bronze medal with Lithuania.

The GREAT News

The stadium was at full capacity, the heat was on and the atmosphere around was sizzling. But in the end, it was determination and the high flying spirit of Checho and his boys that won the day.

As expected, Nigeria was not something that we want to underestimate and they had gave us some scary moment during the game. Their defense was so solid and did not gave any room for our attacking players.
Whoever is going to win this game has to come up with something magical.

And there can only be ONE, Lionel MESSI that is. A brilliant and well timed pass from him to Angel DI MARIA in the 58th minute. DI MARIA lobbed the ball pass the Nigerian keeper and that was enough to ensure that football's gold medal will stay in Argentina for another four years.

I'm sure our buddy Seba will share more from his great experience there sometimes later. Did I forget anything?

Oh yes! He was there to!

It was a FANTASTIC day to be an Albiceleste supporter.



halley said...

argentina had a terrible first quarter but they came back and indeed posed a threat to the redeem team. but even if argentina lost, it was good watching the game because they proved to be as one of the best in the league.

argentina is still the best for me. no doubt about that.

manu's twisted ankle is bad news for the spurs. i hope he recovers soon.

p2bn said...

Can you belive it guys!! I missed the match. Thanks to our great fifa web site's timing. They had it 5pm UK time and I was getting all ready with my brothers and frens to watch it and then suddenly o bbc website I see highlights of Argentina vs nigeria. I was in total shock. Then again I thought it was some old match. Then I saw livescore and there it was 1:0 argentina but it displayed HT, then I went to and there it was. Man I was so angry with Fifa site.

Anyways we won, just like last time, 1:0. These boys have the taste of Victory and I am sure this will be a driving force in 2010. As I hoped and still hope, it will be the begining of our new golden era.

Btw the video is gone guys! So can we have some more. Maybe the videos of celebration also. I will search myself and will let you know if I have some good ones.

In the meantime, its celebration time...wowhwoooooooo...

Olympic Champions twice....Now World cup 2010, here we come.....

Vamos Vamos Argentina

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the bronze medal with Lithuania match is thanks lucas
viva argentina

Seba said...

Lucas, Argentina v Lithuania for the Bronze will be played at noon (local time). It means it'll be at 1 AM Buenos Aires. Basically, same time as the football final yesterday.

A football final I had the pleasure to attend. Not only that. After the match, since I have access to the field of play, Diego MARADONA himself was walking in my direction and after a few Nigerian players stopped him to take some pics with him, he was all alone for a split second and now I can say that I touched the "Hand of God". Yes! We shook hands and I let him continue walking towards the sideline as he only wanted to be there to jump and sing. I've taken 2 pictures (though I'm not allowed...) and I'll upload them as soon as I can (be patient).

After the celebration, I had the chance to talk to RIQUELME, AGUERO, MESSI, DI MARIA, MASCHERANO and a few others. They joy is absolutely genuine and you could tell that MESSI was feeling a very special joy after all he had to overcome to be able to come to Beijing and play for the Gold medal.

Now I'm about to leave my hotel to watch Argentina v Lithuania in what will be our last chance to add to our medals tally. We've got 2 golds and 3 bronzes.

Regarding Argentina v USA in basketball. I have to be honest and admit I thought we had no chance even with a fit Manu GINOBILI. After he was gone (playing only 6:21 minutes in the first quarter before his injury) I confirmed all my fears, but then, guided by Chapu NOCIONI's immense heart and courage (playing in only one leg), those men, who will forever be Olympic champions, gave us something to dream about and they played mano-a-mano with the best in the world.

I'm really proud of them and I hope they can overcome all the injury problems and win the Bronze. If Lithuania are to beat us, one thing is for sure...they are going to have to fight for it and play their best game.

Anonymous said...

What a great day for me yesterday, it was played at 12.00noon Singapore time and I nearly missed the game live ! My wife actually tune to the TV channel and initially I thought it was some kind of repeat telecast bt Arg and Nig as we played Nig quite regularly in the last few years.

Anybody remember the quick free kick pass from Maradona, and Caniggia goes on to score a beautiful curler against nigeria in 1994 !

Back to 2008 Olympic gold team, we now have a solid foundation for WC10. This team just have abundant talent, tough play but right ddiscipline, and teamwork was obvious.

Let's not just focus on Messi, I like him of course, but we should give credit to all the other players as individually they are very talented and committed.

I have supported Argentina since 1990 world Cup when Maradona was captain, something of a rare species at that time in Singapore.

I have always maintained Maradona is the best player all-time! I recalled an Australian TV commentator mentioned Maradona got hacked more in one game than Pele in his entire career !

And BTW I support all games Argentina plays at anytime !

I was on this forum quite regularly in WC06, good thing that Seba and John continues with this site, well done.

Vamos Argentina !


Anonymous said...

wo won Argentina has the Bronze well done guys
we are all proud and happy to be of a country with so much heart
viva argentina
Lucas Melbourne australia

allan ng said...

We have now a solid group of young players ready to take on WC2010 in South Africa. This group of players sacrificed/risked their club football for the national u23 team so I hope they get priority over those who failed to come, although I really can't name anyone who was called up but didn't show.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we will have to qualify for it first.

So Seba and John, do keep us posted on the WC qualifiers. We have to do better than we did against Belarus in mid-week.

crespo ganesh said...

it was a great game..witnessed the great game with john,my was a fantastic experience eventhough i was a bit sceptical during the 1st half and the last 10 minutes of the game...anyhow,kudos to argentina and i hope this win will be a great boost to our ulimate aim...the WORLD CUP...cant wait for argentina to win it....vamos!!!1

Agustín Remiro said...

The bronze medal and the victory against Lituania make us feel proud of our team. This Gold Generation give Argentina lots of happy times.
Aguante Argentina!!!

allan ng said...

19 man squad for WC qualifiers announced by AFA:

Roberto Abbondanzieri, Getafe
Juan Pablo Carrizo, Lazio
Javier Zanetti, Inter Milan
Sergio Romero, AZ
Pablo Zabaleta, Espanyol
Nicolás Burdisso, Inter Milan
Gonzalo Rodríguez, Villarreal
Martín Demichelis, Bayern Munich
Fabricio Coloccini, Newcastle
Gabriel Heinze, Real Madrid
Javier Mascherano, Liverpool
Fernando Gago, Real Madrid
Esteban Cambiasso, Inter Milan
Angel Di María, Benfica
Andrés D'Alessandro, Internacional
Lionel Messi, Barcelona
Carlos Tevez, Manchester United
Sergio Agüero, Atlético Madrid
Lisandro López, Porto

A few locally based players will be added soon.

I am disappointed that Cavenagi is once again omitted, also Higuain.

Anonymous said...

Gago reminds me of Redondo. Abundance of talent the we have.
Need 2 strong central and tall defenders to clear high balls to counter situations where we have to play those teams that are not creative and have to resort to pumping in high balls, close their eyes and hope it lands on some of their super tall attackers heads !


John said...

Hi AsianFan, yes I remember you very well. Welcome back! And what a time for you to do so.

Just a quick message to Allan Ng, thanks for the info. I'll be writing on a squad preview soon.

andaman said...

I like Pareja. He had solid games. Should be added to the WCQ list.

crespo ganesh said...

how come Hernan Crespo was not included in the squad...we need him as he is vital in the D box...

Josh said...

Yeah, Carmelo is like that. He was arrested for DUI this offseason