Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crunch Time As Argentina Face USA

September 4, 2002 in Indianapolis; it was the day when basketball will never be the same again. It was the day for the first time a USA team with NBA players was beaten, by non other than Argentina.


Almost two years later both sides met again in the Athens Olympic semi-final match. This time the Americans brought the likes of Tim DUNCAN, Allen IVERSON, Stephan MARBURY and future stars Le Bron JAMES and Carmelo ANTHONY. But the result was still the same and Argentina went on to create sporting history by winning the gold medal.


Now both sides will meet again today. From what I've read this is what the Americans really wanted.


The Americans have learned their lesson and they have accepted that this is no longer their game. They are on a mission to restore their pride and dignity. Judging by the results they have been getting, they are clearly on their way.


I'm not throwing the towel just yet because surprises do happen in life. Clearly our boys will have to be at their very best against the "Redeem Team". On paper the possibility is there, at least.


Manu GINOBILI and Luis SCOLA are wreaking havoc on opponents, Andres NOCIONI providing his usual toughness on both ends of the floor and Pablo PRIGIONI distributing the ball, coming up with the occasional steal and hitting the odd three-pointer. They've also got a lift from Carlos DELFINO from the bench.


But having the personnel may not be enough. Argentina must avoid making unnecessary turnovers that will USA to get some easy basket. The defense and offense has to be tightened up. Perhaps some luck on their side a well.


It will be match fill with high emotions and intensity. Logics aside, my heart is with Segio HERNANDEZ and his boys to play the game of their life.


Tip off time will start at local hours 2215 hours. Vamos La Selección!!! VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!


halley said...

i totally [x2] agree with you John with regards to argentina's turnovers. i didn't know that argentina played against the US team in the Olympics twice. thanks for the info!.. =) it's going to be a tough game for both teams, hopefully, argentina will get through. [super tightly, crossing my fingers]

Seba said...

Breaking news:

Mundo Albiceleste will be there at Wukesong to watch Argentina v USA in the semis!

I'll be going to work there for both semis and tomorrow it's time for me to go to the football final at the Bird's Nest. Living a dream? I think it's much more than that!

John said...

Seba you lucky fella! Hopefully you're present will bring some luck for our team.

Anonymous said...

Not going very good for Tall guys. Seven turnovers in the 1st quarter, defense fell apart, and offense didn't convert on bad shots causing the USA to go on an 18-0 run. Noccioni is playing on a limping foot and the worst news, Ginnobli picked up an injury.

2nd quarter USA is leading by 20, Ginnobli is out. Argentina is playing much better in the 2nd half. If Argentina played in the 2nd half like they are now, the game would be close, perhaps Argentina leading.

The good news is if the Golden generation only ends up with a Bronze, they already have done so much for Argentina. Younger players will come up and continue progressing Argentina basketball.
Argentina beat the Americans in the U18 FIBA tournament that is held every four years.

The second quarter with Ginnobli out, 10 turnovers for Argentina, Argentina is fighting back, but still the USA has a large lead.

VJ Rabid said...

Ultimately, the Redeem Team was too much, but I was touched by the way Luis Scola and Co. carried on without the injured Manu Ginobili. I mean, Andres Nocioni was doing it on one leg! There is no shame in this loss - only inspiration.

That said, what a run by this Golden Generation! It started with "The Dunk" in 1999, followed by a shocking of the world in 2002, and the peak of glory in 2004. Although the boys in sky blue and white didn't win since, they were in the Top 4 in every important tournament since then.

If you are a basketball or Argentina fan, I want each and every one of you to read this tribute I wrote to celebrate Argentina's Finest.

It has truly been great, and the experience that they gave the world will never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

And the golden generation will continue, with players picking up from this team and new ones coming up, along with maybe some veterans in the future. :)