Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mundo Wallbiceleste

It's time for another update from the wonderful China!

This is a country that keeps surprising me and is a lot more beautiful than what I imagined. And let me tell you that I had great expectations already.

I would probably say that I feel bad because I won't be able to travel around other regions and cities along the vast Chinese territory. But on the other hand, I'm so pleased that I had the chance to come to Beijing in the first place, that I'll be a happy man anyway.

As I mentioned before and as you've seen in the pictures I've uploaded, it seems to be a great support for Argentina and everyone smiles and seems to be very happy when I tell them I'm coming from the land of MARADONA.

You can see a lot of young people wearing the Albiceleste and you can find Argentine flags in shops where they only sell symbols of very few countries. And in the picture below you can see a proof of that and, after a very intense public demand, the bermuda shorts from 1965 make their return!

For ethical reasons and because of the nature of the job I'm doing, I won't be able to provide you with insight information or exclusive features. Even if I do meet the players and interview them, I'm not allowed to use that information here. I hope you understand.

Of course I can comment on what I think of one particular match or the tournament in general, but I can't give you comments from players or post pictures involving official Olympic Games action.

However, I can show you some social pictures I've taken and an exclusive first look at the Workers' Stadium, the venue where Argentina will take on Serbia on August 13.

I'll start with a visit to the Great Wall. What can I possibly say about it? I'll start by saying that I've never dreamed of visiting that place. Being there just seemed so unreal! No matter in which direction you look, the Wall seems to be everywhere and is longer than what the eye can see. And that was only a tiny part of the remainings of such a majestic work.

I didn't have my Argentina shirt with me, but I managed to give it an Albiceleste look and turned it into the Mundo Wallbiceleste! It's the Racing Club shirt but if you don't like it, ignore the badge of my favourite club and concentrate on the colours of the shirt. That will probably do the trick!

I've been mixing it up and doing some hard work while taking the time to visit places (although I still haven't been to the iconic Tiananmen Square). But even while I'm at work I find the time to take some pictures that I won't be able to take once the action kicks-off.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Workers' Stadium (in a BATISTUTA-like flip flops corner flag celebration).

An important note is that the seat colours are not black as you see in the picture above. The seats have a plastic cover and they will remove those covers for the competition.

Stay tuned for more updates from Mundo Albiceleste's Chinese Adventures!


halley said...

i envy you a l-o-t. i just hope i could watch the Beijing Olympics first-hand. but it's okay, i'll be watching from my tv and blog updates about it.

please do post pictures of your adventures.

p2bn said...

So you are living the dream Seba! Feels like I am there too. And believe me, there are alot of a
Albiceleste supporters in Asia. I told you guys already about my country and I have read of news where people have committed suicide cause Albiceleste lost though I think that's inappropriate.

So you cant post the interviews or exclusive features, we get it but you should be allowed to post the link to those articles :-D. That will be more then enough. I really hope I can watch the matches through TV or internet.

We sure will stay tuned for updates, you just keep on enjoying there..
Vamos Albiceleste
Vamos Seba

andaman said...

Have fun Seba. Keep posting your comments and the pics.

Yessss, The Great Wall!!!! Ain't it a sight to behold.

Can't wait for the Olympics to start.

John said...

The Great Wall, the Bird's Nest and the Olympics. On top of that, you get plenty of dose of the Albiceleste in action.

Sounds like a combination between earth and paradise.

Enjoy your time there Seba, do post any great pictures you can find.

Only three more days to go.....