Saturday, August 09, 2008

Argentina vs. Australia (Match Thread)

A win will ensure that we made it through the quarter-finals. But that's not all, I'm hoping for a big result at the same time. Just like what happened two years ago (remember Serbia?). I truly believe we can do it.

The Olyroos did manage to steal a point from Serbia but man to man we should come out on top in style.

As of now I believe that coach Sergio BATISTA will maintained the same starting eleven that took on Ivory Coast. Honestly in my opinion, I don't see that as a problem against the Aussie. Okay we all would prefer to have MESSI partnering KUN up front instead of LAVEZZI.

Expect the Shanghai Stadium to be packed with the sea of blue and white. Just for everyone's info the match will kick of 1700 hours local time. You can catch the game online through NBA Olympics.

Looking forward to see all you commenting before, during and after the game. Enjoy!


p2bn said...

soooooooooooooooooooooo frustrating. I cant watch the match. I just cant find any links even in myp2p or google to watch it. nbc olympics is just for america. And bbc is not showing it. What a bad day. Arghhh...And amazingly no one is updating the blog about bad luck.

Vamos Albiceleste

Anonymous said...

NBC in the states is not showing the game either so do not feel left out. THey are however showing the Arg-Lut basketball game. I checked about 4 places and none of them are showing the game. It is Venz-USA Volleyball, Croatia/Espana handball, arg-luth basketball and the spanish listings are not showing it either.

Anonymous said...

From the net I see the game is 0-0 almost HT. They are not playing very well. Brazil seems to be on cruise control vs New Zealand 2-0. I heard it is raining pretty bad, some tennis games had to be called off.

da said...

0-0 at halftime. No one is playing very well, but we're dominating the match. There just doesn't seem to be much of a connection between our front. Lavezzi and Kun have done little to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Lavezzi is a waste of space and Kun is turning into a streaky player which is not very good.

Anonymous said...

Live streaming video of the match can be found at second half about to get underway.

johnny said...

0-0 at half. Not such a bad half in my opinion. A few missed chances. Looks like KUN is suffering due to the rekindled love affair between Roman and Messi. The way I see it Lavezzi has been much more active and dangerous today (not that I wouldn't prefer Di Maria). So, let's see if we can't put up two goals in the second period ! Keep the faith.

johnny said...

Goal Lavezzi !! Very nicely set up by Di Maria who was on for KUN. Finally, after so many chances today, a break through.

Anonymous said...

....and we are through to the knock out stage!!!!!!!!

johnny said...

A 1-0 victory for Argentina. A little frustrating today, with many chances gone begging, but all is well that ends well. A very pretty chip from Di Maria was taken out of the air by Lavezzi deep in the second period for the only goal of the match.

I got to say that if my Boca boy, Monzon, does not improve soon, Batista should look at another fullback on that side of the field. I don't think Monzon has any underage international experience and he looks tight as a drum. Nothing like the promising young player we have seen on the pitch with Boca Juniors.

Forza_albicelestes said...

mmmm.I thought Monzon was not dat bad 2day.Improved a lot from his lst showing.Still a little rough around the edge but has a lot of potential.Also Zabaleta and Fazio impressed me 2day.Rst of da team were simply awful.Bst player was Lavezzi with a few runs into the box.Di maria was looking good as well.
The pitch was awful.
Players cud hrdly stay on their feet in the 1st hlf.
Messi was extremely ineffective except a run and shot on gol.Roman was playing a bit deeper than he usually does.
Ustari barely had a save 2 make.
Bt wonderful play for the gol by roman and di finish as well.
The team has to improve a lot.

Sports Magician said...

A bad performance. Kun has shown nothing in both games thus far, he has been hugely anonymous. Hopefully he will improve because at the moment the attack is playing with one player less.

Di Maria, as always, makes an instant impact when he comes on. There is a case to say he should start.

The defence was horrible. Pareja was the best defender against the Ivorians, and even though he wasn't playing today he was still the best defender! That's how bad the rest were.

We have won the group but have not been impressive at all. The passing in midfield has been sloppy.

Argentina have won the group because of a far higher calibre of player, where decisive moments determine the game. We haven't won the group by being as dominant and clinical as this side should be.

I hope there will be a massive improvement against Serbia and once the KO phase starts.

Anonymous said...

I finally got to see the game(which was on tape delay) and I have to say they did not put away their chances. Di Maria seemed to come and became a instant hit, he has been the super sub for these two games. Do not know what to say, most tourneys Argentina start very strong and finish well not to their standards. Maybe it is a good sign but the next game I say rest Leo and put in Di Maria. Argentina back line has not been very good and if they play a counter attacking team like a Brasil I say WATCH OUT. They seemed very flat footed. And Brasil will prob play the same they have vs Argentina for the last few games. They will let Argentina hold the ball hold the ball then they lose it they will be on all out attack. I say if and when Argentina plays them, it will have to be a VERY UGLY game for a win, a moment of genius will win the game.