Thursday, April 15, 2010

TEVEZ shortlisted for PFA award

The shortlist of candidates to win the PFA (Professional Footballers Association) award as best player of the year in England has been announced and Carlos TEVEZ is amongst the four elite footballers with a chance to win it.

The favourite to win it is Manchester United's Wayne ROONEY and apart from TEVEZ, the two other contenders are Cesc FABREGAS (Arsenal) and Didier DROGBA (Chelsea).

It should come as no surprise to those of us who have been following the English Premier League this season.

TEVEZ was at his absolute best and he never scored as many goals in a season since he made the leap to Europe.

He is probably the main reason why Manchester City are pretty much alive and with great chances of making it to Europe next season.

With the big Manchester derby coming up this weekend, Man City's manager, Roberto MANCINI, has stated that "Carlos TEVEZ is already an important player for us but he could improve over the next year. He has already improved this year because he has never scored 28 goals before."

"I'm happy about that. When you pick the top players, you pick Rooney, Messi and Tevez. Messi is the best at the moment. But Carlos and Rooney are very, very close."

The former team-mates, Wayne and Carlitos, are set to collide once again this weekend with both their teams facing a must-win situation in order to chase their respective objectives.

I'm guessing Carlitos has more chances to beat ROONEY this Saturday rather than at the PFA Player of the Year Award, but as long as he's alive in the race, he'll fight till the end.


GK said...

Rooney will definatly win the award. Why would the FA award an Argentine when there is an englishman in the running? Not tot take anything away from Rooney, he deserves it but regardless of who has had a better season Carlitos would never win an award over Rooney in England. Let's just hope Man City comes out on top tomorrow and gets closer to Europe. That will be the real reward...


johnny said...

It's great to see Carlitos get some acclaim for his efforts. It wasn't long ago when he was getting kicked around after leaving Manchester United and struggling with the NT. He's a fighter with alot of pride. Go get 'em Carlitos !!

Sebastian said...

GK, just a quick note. This is the PFA (Professional Footballers Association) award. Which means is not the FA who will pick the winner. It's these players' fellow footballers who will vote.

Sebastian said...

And do you expect me to believe this, Sir Alex?

Roy said...

City were robbed in the first derby(something like 5 minutes of extra time was added in which United scored). Hopefully Tevez is able to have a great showing and atleast score a goal against them.

Alex Camacho said...

Article discussing how Lucho should be at the world cup. I completely agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paulina said...

No question: United would have won the league if Tevez were still there. And Fergy knows it!