Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Micho wins, Lisandro survives RIBERY

First of all, it wasn't a great football match.

That said, Martín DEMICHELIS and his Bayern Munich have taken an important step towards the Champions League final with a 1-0 win over Lisandro LOPEZ, César DELGADO and Olympique Lyon in the first leg of their semifinal series.

Arjen ROBBEN scored the only goal from outside the box, but from our point of view (that is from the point of view of Argentina fans), the most notable thing was that Martín DEMICHELIS helped the German giants to keep a clean sheet and had a good performance, but the outstanding incident that will perhaps be remembered for some time is the horrible challenge from Frank RIBERY on Lisandro LOPEZ.

The France international surely had better weeks than this one. First of all, he was accused of having sex with an under-age prostitute and then he sees a straight red for a horrible kick on Lisandro's ankle.

The former Racing Club and Porto FC striker, who unbelievably seems to be on his way to miss out on our World Cup squad, needed treatment and sure gave us all a big scare when he was taken out on a stretcher. But he managed to stay in the game, though he was left all alone with no company up front and didn't manage to impact the game the way he is used to.

His team-mate and former Argentina player, César DELGADO, was replaced with 10 minutes to go in the game after doing a lot of running and chasing.

The tie is not over. Not at all. But Lyon will have to play to the maximum of their ability to keep Bayern from scoring the all important away goal that would force Lyon to score 3 to advance.


johnny said...

Ugly challenge from Ribery, and rash, though I don't think intentional. Since Eduardo's gruesome injury I think the refs have been instructed to give a straight red for those kind of challenges, no ? Tough week for Ribery indeed. Too bad, what a talented player he is.

Sebastian said...

Johnny...I think I accidentally deleted your comment (though I'm pretty sure I didn't touch it, somehow it disappeared).

I wanted to delete the one after yours because of foul language and I wanted to write here to ask people to avoid the use of dirty words.

The only dirty word allowed here on Mundo Albiceleste is HEINZE. OK?

Sebastian said...

Oh...there you go, Johnny! Your message showed up again! See? I told you I didn't touch it!

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