Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Brace from Carlitos In City’s Big Win

Manchester City notched up another big win, thus increasing their chances for a place in next season’s Champions League. This time they hammered Birmingham City 5-1, subsequently cementing their place in fourth place in the standings.

In form striker Carlos TEVEZ was on target twice for them. He opened the fold gates for City in the 38th minute, scoring from the penalty spot. He then went on to put the Citizen 2-0 up in the 40th minute, with a delicate last touch after a header from Nedum ONUOHA; thus increasing his tally to 28 goals in a remarkable first season at the club.

Plenty of action coming from the Italian Serie A.
Maxi LOPEZ continues his goal scoring form this time against AC Milan as Catania drew level 2-2 in the San Siro. Javier PASTORE scored from a header in Palermo’s 3-1 win over Chievo Verona. Then there was Jose Ignacio CASTILLO scoring in for Bari in their 2-3 defeat against Siena.

In the Greek Super League, former Under-20 international and 1997 Youth World Cup winner Diego QUINTANA scored for FC Xanthi in their 2-1 win over Atromitos. Lastly
Sebastian BARTOLINI was on target for Asteras Tripoli as they defeated Aris Salonika 2-1.


Yaju said...

This is a bit old. but since no one is posting any comments...

Carlito's interview after the hatrick

Cant wait for him to score against United this weekend!

Allan said...

Hope to see Tevez dribbles past Neville then score.

Anonymous said...

the way tevez is playing and scoring and fighting its getting harder to pick between him and higuain

tevez is scoring in tougher games and is in the weaker team so tevez as a indervidual is ahead of higuain

also tevez is playing hero football higuain has missed chances and is often used as scapegoat

if tevez and messi could work what a partnership that would be

messi is beating teams almost single handedly but so is tevez

is tevez on 19 in 18 games or is it now 21 in 19

21 in 19 weaker side and less time with them compared to rooneys situation

its clear tevez is class

Anonymous said...

tevez sadly for him does not fit into the nt with messi.
i still would pick hig any day over tevez.
the problem is tavez has never been good with the nt and even his latest apperance vs germany he did little to make me believe he should be starting, club form is very differant to nt form.

Yaju said...

This argument over TEVEZ vs HIGUAIN is quite silly. They are both playing their top level at their clubs but they offer very different dynamics to the game. Sure TEVEZ hasn’t played that well with NT so far. But who has, really? I would first watch the games of my opponents to find out their weaknesses and play according to that. Also its important to see during the training who gels better with MESSI and other offensive mids. That is something what a real manager would do.

DIEGO will probably just play eeny meeny miny (paler)mo...

haha... I can't belive i just came up with that one.

totti said...

Tevez and Messi partnership in 2006 group game against Holland was thrilling. Sadly yi ended 0:0

And beautiful partnership was also friendly against france. It was Maradonas first game in head of national team (I guess) and he hadnt ruined albaceleste yet

messidona19 said...

Picking Tevez over Higuain is a disrespect to Higuain...
The main reason why i would choose Higuain over Tevez without thinking twice is because of ambition... Higuain wants to become goalscorer of the world cup while Tevez wants to retire because he couldn't perform with us.
No doubt about it that Higuain takes it for me.

Anonymous said...

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