Sunday, April 11, 2010

MESSI's PlayStation controller

Arsenal manager, Arsene WENGER, described Lionel MESSI as a 'PlayStation character' after the young man from Rosario destroyed the Gunners in the Champions League.

Well...I've found this image on the internet and I thought you may like it.

Is Arsene right about this?

With a controller like the one in the image...I'm a believer!


Maxi Lopez said...

Forza Catania. Vamos Maxi Lopez.

Anonymous said...

no one plays football on that obsolete thing anymore


and dribble with messi with the amassing wiimote point dribble and drag messi into positions with the pointer

fantastic controls and im very good with messi on the ball i can mimics his runs like real life

you cannot do that with a old fashioned belongs in the distant past ps controller

off topic but still true

i lve playing as Argentina on that game

and would never ever return to that caveman button bash controller

iv just started a console war in a argy blog lol

GK said...

I cannot begin to tell you how many makeshift World Cup's I have won over the years with Argentina on the FIFA series.... XBOX 360 all the way!!!!

Roy said...

Just for the hell of it, PS3 over Xbox 360, GK. Going to get the FIFA 2010 South Africa video game when it comes out. Maybe we can gather up all the PS3/Xbox 360 gametags and play some matches?

In any case, Palermo scored his 219th goal for Boca earlier today after a very unselfish play by Riquelme. He keeps breaking records for Boca, but I still don't want him on the National Team!

Anonymous said...

you control 11 players in real time on the wii and all your team tactics

you control just 1 on ps3 x360 THATS FRIGGING OBSOLETE GUYS

but hay wrong web site for that aergument

go go messi

Anonymous said...

my pro evo line up on wii using counter attack rather than my old free moving team


off course messi position changes with my wii pointer his very effective wen brought back into defensive areas and running thru then linking with front man or wingers to continue his run

maradonas tactics do work in videogames LOL FFS

dalllee said...

Fifa 10 for Xbox 360 is the best soccer game. Does anyone play ultimate team on that? I've been playing it since the day it came out, I have about 3 different Argentina teams on it and theyre all incredibly good teams,i'll list my lineups and see hoow you guys liek them.

1:Romero, Zanetti, Samuel, G. Milito, Heinze, Mascherano, Banega, Di Maria, Messi, Tevez, Higuain

2:Andujar, Zabaleta, Garay, Demichellis, Ansaldi, Cambiasso, Lucho, Maxi, Perrotti, Zarate, Milito

3:Carrizo, Burdisso, Fazio, Pareja, Insua, Gago, Veron, Gutierrez, Delgado, Lavezzi, Lisandro


Mike said...

Roy I have FIFA 10 on ps3 and I'm buying the world cup version when it comes out. It's on biotch!

Sebastian said...

You know, Dalllee, it started with a game (PS3 controller) and then you came up with three VERY STRONG line-ups made of Argentine players and without repeating a single name or play many of them out of position.

Couldn't help but noticed PALERMO is nowhere to be seen and I don't think you'll find many (sane) people that will complain about it. Would you?

Though, now that I'm thinking about it, it seems all those players are from European teams. Is that because you don't have PALERMO available? Oh..wait..there's VERON there.

Plus...where is KUN? You don't find him a place not even in the third team? Interesting.

Sebastian said...

MASCHERANO interview with Here:

Dalleee said...

Sebastian, here you go

I play a 4-2-3-1 formation, 2 defensive mids, a left attacking mid, a right attacking mid, supporting striker, and main striker. And I didnt put Kun because he's the only one I havn't got yet, It is mostly european players but there was one Veron and one Sosa that I got, the guy that I havn't been able to get is Pastore, Palermo is in the game but I really don't need him as you can see. All the teams are pretty balanced though would you agree?

Team 1:

----Messi----------------Di Maria--

Team 2:

Team 3:

guys on the bench....Saviola, Crespo, Cavenaghi, Datalo, AIMAR, Sosa, Gonzalo,

totti said...

what do you think about this?

GK said...

Palermo has finally scored his 219th goal for Boca becoming their all-time leading goal scorer. Impressive.... congradulations Martin!

Mohd said...

what's the deal with Riquelme and Palermo...i thought they got along well.

i did not watch the match but i read that Riquelme did not celebrate with Palermo ALTHOUGH HE SET HIM UP?!

anybody knows what happened?

Mohd said...

ok so i have just saw the link here in Mundoalbiceleste about what Pele said about Messi:

damn this pathatic dump most overrated player of all time. someone should tell this stupid punk that scoring 1000 goals in the brazillian league and in MLS is hardly an accomplishment.

he is even not he best in least 10 players out of brazil are better than him.

GK said...

Pele is just a jealous old man. The quality of the Brazilian league isn't comparible to Europe and league play in the USA is a joke, whether it be the old league that Pele played in or now the MLS... trust me, I see this garbage football, I live in Canada.

If Messi were to play in the MLS he would easily score 4-6 goals per match, and that isn't an exageration. And Mohd, I agree with you. Pele is over rated, I would put Ronaldo in front of him any day as the best Brazilian.

Mike said...

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately I did not get to see Lionel's 4 goals live. I was in Jamaica on vacation at the time. A bunch of the Jamaican's noticed my AFA tattoo and all made sure to tell me how much they love little Lionel, and Higuain. There are a lot of Argentina supporters in Jamaica. The majority of the Jamaican's like Argentina and Brazil because of the playing styles.

Most of them we asking questions, because they were so confused as to why we struggled so much in qualifying. They also seemed to think that the Reggae Boyz should have beaten us in that friendly (no comment).

It was also nice talking to other football fans from all over the world. I talked to A LOT of guests that agreed with our views on Diego's coaching tactics, style, and the way he conducts business with the national team. The majority of the people i spoke with see us in the final four.. lets just hope they are correct.

I just wanted to share this with you guys.. it was nice to see that we have supporters all over the world.


John said...

Thanks for sharing your story Mike! It's always nice to hear things like that. Indeed Argentina is a Global Brand.

Mike said...

also, GK has found a great deal on argentina jerseys (home or away, long sleeve or short). this is not our ebay store, nor do we have any affiliation with the store. I just wanted to share this with you guys because they are only $25 plus shipping each. GK received his in the mail already and the quality is amazing. they are real. if you search you can find different player names, or you can get them with or without world cup patches on the sleeve.

here's a link to one of the jerseys

Sebastian said...

I wouldn't go as far as to disregarding PELE. He will forever be one of the true legends of the game.

But use the 1000-goals-mark as a measure to compare himself with the rest of the players is just a joke (to be honest, he did say it kind of tongue-in-cheek, but he said it. I once heard that there is some element of truth in every joke).

I mean...come on! The guy is not only counting the goals he scored in the state championships in Brazil (very low level if you're lucky), the NASL (North American Soccer League. A joke even worse than the MLS) and he is even taking into consideration some goals he scored in charity games!

Plus...I was talking to a Brazilian friend when I was living there and he asked me which was the player that scored the most goals in the history of the Argentine first division. When I told him it was Arsenio ERICO and that he scored 293 goals, they couldn't believe the number was so low.

Thing is...they play like 50 games each season in Brazil (compared to the 38 in Argentina). They have the State championships (19 matches in Sao Paulo, pretty much the same in Rio) and then the 38-week Brazilian Championship. Plus...Copa do Brasil and the Copa Libertadores matches some teams would play during the season too.

Seriously...that 1000-goals-mark it's one of the most ridiculous things in football history.

If PELE had played in Europe (Serie A or La Liga) his goal average would be so dramatically lower you wouldn't be able to believe it!

Sebastian said...

Oh...and one more very important point: goals scored are not the only thing that should be considered when it comes to judging a player's ability.

For that matter...MESSI tops La Liga in both, goals scored and assists.

But I need to present a case about how great MESSI is?

Anonymous said...

well, Pele scored his 1000th goal in 1969, so this was long before he played in the usa, and he was 28/29 at the moment.

i hope you don't get angry with me, but i believe that pele was the best player ever. i heard from many people who saw both pele and maradona play at their prime, and they all say pele was the best, including my dad and franz beckenbauer.

i think that if in pele's time the media was so developed like in maradona's time, much more people would say pele is the best ever. i mean garrincha is unknown by many young people today, because there is very little material about him, just some short clips on youtube.

of course i don't care much about pele and love maradona, but for me pele was the best ever.

Vitalij from germany

Mohd said...


do you know the Romario has scored 1000 goal..because according to these stupid statistics, everytime Pele (or Romario) scored with a girl they did count it also. hell they probably count those scored in Nintendo games back then...

man franz beckenbauer for sure would say Pele is the best. do you know why? because together with Pele, they represent the stink and filth of the Fifa mafia. they are one team against the rebel Maradona.

what you said about Media coverage is irrelevant. Pele played in Brazil and in USA...i would not give a shit of anything he does because my grandma would do great things there...especially at that period of time.

Finally make Pele drag Napoli and an Average Brazil team to glory then we might have something to discuss.

on what basis you made your opinion in just extremely wierd!!!

Anonymous said...


i am NOT a fan of pele! i just say what i believe and, of course, it can be wrong. however my dad and some others don't have any preferences to pele and maradona, and saw them mostly only in big tournaments like the wc, so i don't think they can be so much wrong.

and about your argument: "Finally make Pele drag Napoli and an Average Brazil team to glory then we might have something to discuss." is also weird!

because how do you know how pele would perform for an average team? it is not his "fault" that the teams he played, especeally the brazil nt, were all very strong and had many players who could decide a game alone. so pele didn't need to do it all alone, but it doesn't mean he couldn't (of course i also don't know if he could if...).

also don't say napoli and argentina was soooo average. careca was worldclass and played with maradona in napoli. argentina was not great in 1986, but still a good team, in the final they were better than an average german team, and maradona was not great in this game (i know about his pass to burruchaga)


Mohd said...


Napoli and Argentina were even below average without Maradona, they might have had one or two good players but without Diego there was not way in hell to win anything.

You say i would never know if Pele would have done the same...well for some reason I do and i say he would not even make them better teams. Pele was a striker, a goal scorer. he would even struggled to score in Italy let alone lead Napoli (and Arg) to glory.

Its true i did not catch Pele's era, but I have seen hundreds of Pele's clips and 10's OF MATCHES. and yes my friend he was NOT A LEGEND. he is merely a good player made a legend by the media for political reasons.

back then Fifa wanted a hero to promote football, so they selected the goal scorer of the best team ever and made him a legend.

Later when Maradona emerged and the world was stunned by his genious status, Fifa wanted to fight maradona so they further praised Pele. Like I said before, Pele represents the filth of Fifa mafia. while Maradona is the Guivara/Castro hire on the football pitch, so no doubt the big boys in the Fifa office will fight him.

sorry for the long post, but saying Pele is a legend gets under my skin let alon claiming he is better than Diego :)

Sebastian said...

Speaking of the MESSI-mania. Check this out:,,GF81404-9645,00.html#fotogaleria=1

Sebastian said...

And take a look at this absolute treasure!

messidona19 said...

Ohhh!!! Thankss alot Seba This is really amazing!!! I have been searching for this everywhere!! When will Panini wc 2010 come out though?

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