Wednesday, April 07, 2010

An Argentine to win the Champions League

With Bayern Munich eliminating Manchester United, this guarantees us that atleast one Argentine will win the Champions League this season. The remaining four teams have atleast one Argentine in the squad.

Internazionale: Javier ZANETTI, Esteban CAMBIASSO, Walter SAMUEL and Diego MILITO.

FC Barcelona: Lionel MESSI, Gabriel MILITO

Olympique Lyonnais: Cesar DELGADO, Lisandro LOPEZ

Bayern Munich: Martin DEMICHELIS


Sebastian said...

My question for Fergie: How much would you have paid to have TEVEZ on your team tonight?

30 million Pounds for BERBATOV and you didn't want to pay 25 to have Carlitos. There you go then. Sitting BERBATOV by playing a 40%-fit Wayne ROONEY because you don't trust your other options. I hope this serves as a lesson for you and I hope more people in England realize that TEVEZ is not just that 'bulldog-like' kind of striker.

I watched the match from the 10th minute and missed Utd first two goals. I don't know how good or bad DEMICHELIS played in those initial minutes. I did see him failing to stop VALENCIA in Utd's third goal, but I think he paid for the left-back's mistake and was caught in a bad situation.

Anybody watched the full match and saw DEMICHELIS in action? How did he play?

Dave P said...

Seba I watched the full match...he played decent. Everytime he plays for the NT it seems that he picks up his level of intesnisty when compared to Bayern. There were times where he pushed up to far forward and Bayern was in trouble on the counter attack. But other than that once into the second half ManU sat back and he was not really tested. He did have one big sliding tackle in he box to push the ball away from Valencia but it was risky (he did win it though).

It will be interesting to see what Gabbi Milito's chances are for starting in the WC. I would like to see him play along side Samuel. But either way Demi is very solid on the NT.

p2bn said...

I can't analyse like you guys do but I think he was good enough but Bayern defence made all too many mistake and the judgement of the keeper on the first goal was just horrendous. It was such a simple shot. But man it felt good that finally, ManU's luck has run out. If Bayern could connect at the final end; they could have scored more. The second half completely reminded me of the Barca-Chelsea game. ManU had all man back; Bayern were just attacking and I was dying for that impending goal. The way Fergie accused Bayern players and the way they played especially in the second half and their over reliance on one man and the utter over the top praise by English commentators of ManU and Rooney; Finally IT FEELS JUSTICE. Now only if Diego learns from the example of Barca; It will be such a dream this year. And you know what Seba; everyone back home in my country have now started to believe that this might just be our year. Man I am too afraid to hope too much already but IT FEELS GOOD the way our players are playing.

Vamos Argentina

Anonymous said...


has impressed me a hell of a lot should be used as a right side option

Allan said...

Sir Alex's biggest mistake was letting go of Tevez and Ronaldo in the same year, then bringing in Berbatov and Owen?

Even with Tevez, Ronaldo and Rooney in the team last year, they couldn't beat Barca. Now, they can't even beat Bayern...

Maybe it is time Sir Alex retires.

Leandro said...

I would like to see Barca and Lyonnais in the finals. How about you guys?

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