Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back where we started

A little bit of self advertising here, but also something that I think will be big for Mundo Albiceleste.

I have been selected, for the second World Cup in a row, to be Soccernet's correspondent for Argentina.

Some of you are Mundo Albiceleste's readers these days, but you actually first got in touch with me through that Soccernet space.

Four years after that painful elimination against Germany, we have come a long way. John and Roy have joined the team, we created our very own podcast show (a new edition coming up soon, hopefully!), we were joined by so many Argentina fans from all over the world and we even have our very own match-cast everytime Argentina play.

Right, this new space at Soccernet (still not fully launched) will surely bring more Argentina-supporting friends along and will definitely make of Mundo Albiceleste a better place.

Feel free to visit and comment over there too. Here's the link to my Argentina correspondent blog.


Sebastian said...

It is still a work-in-progress and I'm just starting to get a feel of the system.

Comments have to be moderated so they won't be as quickly posted as here on Mundo.

I'm open to suggestions, ideas and all the comments you may have.

Craig said...

I've been reading for about a year now, just to let you know my brother and I are traveling to SA and are following both Argentina & Spain right through to and including the final. If there is anything we can do to help feel free to ask. We are both from Canada and support Argentina. VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!

Sebastian said...

Craig! I'm so glad you did a Ricky MARTIN on me (I mean...you've been reading for a year now but it was only now that you came out of the closet, if you know what I mean! hahaha!)

We will be looking for stuff our friends going to South Africa would like to send us to be published here on Mundo.

It'll be our absolute pleasure if you fancy doing a match report or if you like to just tell us how things are going for you as a fan in South Africa. Pictures too! Anything.

Our friend Paulina will also be heading to South Africa and she knows she has to send us a picture of MESSI posing with the World Cup trophy or else she won't be allowed to post on here again!

Have fun and hope you have the time of your life!

John said...

Can’t believe four years has pass by just like that! And we’ve been through it all.

Pain at the last World Cup
Pain at the Copa America 07
Joy at the U-20 World Cup
Joy at the Beijing Olympics
A rollercoaster round of qualifiers

Hopefully this time we will able to complete the cycle and see a happy ending.

LaTiNo said...


Anonymous said...

well done saba.
a site like soccernet demands the best and they had no option but to get the best for mighty argentina and thats you!!!
vamos vamos saba and argentina

p2bn said...

Nice to hear you will be at the centre of action once again. Great for you and OF COURSE great for us ;). Being an atheist I can't pray but I hope you will get to interview many of our players :D. It feels good to have our own in the right place hehe. Hopefully we can celebrate this time.

Vamos Argentina

GK said...

That's great to hear Seba! I will definatly be following your work come June. Craig, its great to see more Albiceleste fans from the Great White North. Me and my brother are regulars on Mundo and are also die hard Argentina supporters.

johnny said...

Seba-congrats ! I first became familiar with your work and Mundo just before WC 2006. I know we will get great reports and more pics (like China !).

Anonymous said...

Congrats, I'm just glad I found this site. Its tough suffering these WC qualifiers w/o another set of eyeballs verifying what I'm watching on the field. Vamos Albiceleste !

Sebastian said...

Thanks for all the love, people. Thank you so much!

But just to clarify, I won't be going to South Africa. I'll just follow the World Cup from the comfort of my own living room watching games in between diaper changes!

Again, many thanks for all your kind words. You make me happy!

Anonymous said...

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