Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh...the irony!

I wasn't going to post about this, but the turn of events just made me do it!

Everytime a World Cup is coming, I become a child again. This time, I wasn't going to do it the old-fashioned way (that will probably come in the next World Cup when I do it together with my son Felipe), but since I found an online virtual version of it, I couldn't say no.

What am I talking about?

I'm talking about the stickers' album! FIFA and Panini are running it online here and I can't stop! hahaha!

Right...I've been playing this for almost a week now and I have completed 30% of the album (no need to pay. It's absolutely free). I have completed the entire Paraguay team and I'm nearly there when it comes to completing Argentina.

And you know what the irony is I'm referring to in this post's headline? I'm only missing one sticker to complete Argentina and that I need to say it?

I have (and lets use this to discuss whether Panini got their 11 Argentine players right): Sergio ROMERO, Martín DEMICHELIS, Walter SAMUEL, Angel DI MARIA, Javier MASCHERANO, Juan Sebastián VERON, Sergio AGÜERO, Lionel MESSI, Diego MILITO and Gonzalo HIGUAIN.

Just in case you didn't find out the name of the the player I'm missing, I'll reveal it to you. Is a defender who I love to hate: Gabriel HEINZE.

Are you collecting too? If you have that HEINZE sticker, I think I'll think twice before swapping with you!


Anonymous said...


Sebastian said...

So glad to be called a loser by someone anonymous abusing behind a keyboard. I wonder who is the real loser here...

messidona19 said...

Now this is really interesting!!!! I just registered and will log in everyday to finish this collection! And it's so cool that it's for freee!!

Sebastian said...

Thanks Messidona! I knew I wasn't a loser! hahaha!

I have created a Collector's Group and you are all welcomed to join.

The group is called...lacking of a better name...Mundo Albiceleste.

The password is mundo2010.

You're welcome to join, though I think it's up to 11 members.

messidona19 said...

I tried many times to join this group but it says that the Group ID and Password combination did not match.
Can you help me join this group?

Mike said...

GK is obsessed with this online sticker album too. U guys should trade.

Sebastian said...

Sorry messidona! I forgot to enter the group ID (I didn't know it when I posted).

ID: 42779
password: mundo2010

Mike...tell GK to join us.

messidona19 said...

lol! i joined the group and I got a sticker pack to open! and Heinze was one of the stickers!! hahaaha

Sebastian said...

You have got to be kidding! hahaha! Swap it with me! keep it!

messidona19 said...

Hehehe I like this site but sometimes i get over anxious to get new packs... It just reminds me of the old days when as a kid i used to buy 98 and 2002 stickers and open the packs and reveal the stickers one by one anxiously.

messidona19 said...

Only disappointing thing in this album is that there's only 12 players in each team. In the older editions, there were more about 16 to 17 players in each team.

GK said...

Seba, Seba, Seba....

I have been collecting Panini sticker albums since the 1998 World Cup. I have been checking stores often for the 2010 version but no luck yet. As my brother Mike said, I am obsessed with FIFA's virtual album, I started collecting on the first day they began the game. I also have a good group going right now and to sound like an even bigger loser, I am loyal to them and swap with group members daily. My album is 65% completed and I also have Heinze and have had a double of him twice so far! My only completed team is Paraguay like you but I am also close on finishing a few others including Argentina, I just need Di Maria, Higuian and Milito.

Add me as a friend on FIFA Club and we could trade some stickers. My Club name is Boca-junior

Sebastian said...

I had no idea about this FIFA Club thing (and I think I still don't!). But I have just added you and messidona.

Too bad I didn't read this in time. I've just traded my spare HIGUAIN sticker.

I have completed two teams: Argentina and Paraguay, but I only have my album 35% complete! I guess I rule! hahaha!

salvio supporter said...

The only football sticker I ever had in my life was from USA 1994, some Bulgarian player. Don't even remember who he was. And I think Islas, from the same WC. I used to pray to that sticker... damn, it didn't work.

Roy said...

So I looked around on the internet and found about 8 promo codes. :)

Oh and I just joined the group. :)

Sebastian said...

And I kinda was expecting those promo-codes to magically appeared on my inbox. Guess I was wrong and I've just lost a friend...hahaha

John said...

Found them too, hahaha!!!!

Now this is very addictive. Gracias Seba for the introduction.

Joe said...

Great!! I have the stickeralbum from world cup of 82!! Even thou it was my onkles and he gave them to me. I have myself collected since 1990.

But I have now joined your group Seb.

Best of luck for us all:)

LaTiNo said...

I have joined to now :)

Ítalo Duarte said...

ID: 191793
SENHA: 1234

Anonymous said...

go to my group at
ID: 255919
Password: 12345

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