Thursday, April 22, 2010

Argentina vs. England - 1998: A look back

What? Argentina vs. England - 1998 FIFA World Cup Round of 16.
Where? Geoffroy-Guichard, St. Etienne, France
When? June 30, 1998

With the World Cup under 50 days away, I've been watching some old Argentina matches. Last week it was Argentina vs. England from the 1998 FIFA World Cup. So what happens today when I visit I see an article on that very match. described it as "A match which had everything". Goals, drama, passion, cards, penalty kicks, etc... You name it, it had it.

In the past, Argentina has played a few matches which have since been called the "Match of the tournament". Following the 2006 World Cup, held a poll for the match of the tournament. Argentina vs. Mexico finished in first place. And at the 1998 edition, it was much of the same. For neutrals, it was arguably the match of the tournament, for us Argentina fans, it WAS the match of the tournament.

If the 1986 match was about the war, the 1998 match was, according to Diego SIMEONE “Quite apart from the political history, the desire of the whole country is to defeat England." That simple. The heart and the passion displayed by the man who once called his style like playing with a knife between his teeth, was evident. It wasn't about shining as an individual, but winning the match for your country. Something some of the current players on the National Team lack.

Let's take a look at the starting XI for both sides.

With two goals in the first 10 minutes and 4 goals in the first half, Diego SIMEONE took matters into his own hands as he got "tripped" by David BECKHAM which resulted in the Englishman getting sent off. With the match going to penalties, BERTI and SHEARER made it 1-1. Up next was CRESPO for Argentina who missed his penalty, followed by INCE who also missed his penalty.

Roberto AYALA scored to make it 4-3 for the Albiceleste and David BATTY missed his penalty as Argentina eliminated England from the 1998 World Cup to head to the quarter finals.

To watch the entire penalty kicks, click here.


Sebastian said...

Great post, Roy!

Lots and lots of memories from that day.

I was 21. I was working in a newspaper and the office, obviously, stopped producing! Not a single key was punched for the entire 120 minutes plus the PK shoot-out.

A few random memories from that game?

1. I don't think I ever went to the bathroom as many times during one football match (number 1, people. I wasn't THAT scared!)

2. The Buenos Aires metro was CRAZY. And I mean C.R.A.Z.Y. after the match! People jumping up and down singing: "El que no salta es un inglés" (if you don't jump it means you're English) and I thought the train was going to collapse. I didn't care, to be honest!

3. The despicable TV commentator, Fernando NIEMBRO, saying: "Michael OWENS" (yes, with an 'S' at the end of the name), everytime he was on the ball. I wanted to kill him (I still do, because he is still working and he pronounces "AIBRAMOVICH" instead of "IBRAHIMOVIC" when he speaks about the Barcelona striker).

A great day. Thanks for bringing me back to that match, Roy!

salvio supporter said...

Hahaha I remember Crónica TV (a very 'bizarre' news channel) flashing "Las Malvinas son Argentinas" after the penalties, so totally out of place.

And this was the last time I ever heard of Roa, who quitted the NT (and pretty much football) soon after, I think for religious beliefs. Please correct me if I'm wrong (which I believe, I am).

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

AYALA had one of his 4 sins during this game the 4 sins he committed witch took away his right to be considered a GREAT dont get me wrong i loved ayala great great player

sin 1 he got turned inside out and made to look a fool by berkamp in 1998 put argentina out

in this england game he allowed owen to score he tried to stop his run with his toe for some strrange reason

then there was the mis kick in champions league ball bobbled over his foot viera scored whilst at valencia

and of course there was the own goal vs brazil in copa america

4 sins of ayala

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
Am I the only one to say this? Please tell me if it sounds terrible, but 12 years later and we STILL have to consider Veron and Zanetti as part of our team?
Our country is a football factory, surely we have produced better than guys in their mid to late 30's....

Anonymous said...

the first mach i saw of argentina. i became a huge fan right after this game and will hate england and the diver michael owen forever.

ortega, veron, batistuta and roa were my favourite players. and the 1998 team is my favourite argentine team of all time, don't know exactly why.

italij from germany

Rick said...

Batistuta called Argentina-England 1998 "a proper football match, a contest between men". In the same interview he also said that the 1994 squad was much better than the 1998 squad. I agree with that. I think he mentioned that 1994 and 2002 were of the same class.

Lets hope 2010 is of a lower class that actually wins the CUP!!!!! Pity Veron is playing though.

Rick said...

Our 2nd goal in that game... best worked set-piece in the history of football.

GK said...

I will never forget that game as long as I live. I can remember Roa saving that last penalty kick like it was yesterday.

Roy, can you find classic matches online?

John said...

Great post Roy! Thanks bringing back great memories from that game.

It was one of those matches where you would be chewing your fingernail right to the tip of your finger. I remember watching the game at home somewhere around 3.00 am and by the time the whole game finished it’s almost 6.00 am! Yet I still had to go to school in just an hour’s time.

And I did! I had every reason to be in school that day so that I can have the time of my life teasing all those fans of England who were telling me a day before that we don’t stand a chance to win this match.

For a moment, they were right.

I still remember what a sight relief when we were awarded the penalty and Batigol converted with a powerful strike and that David SEAMAN had no chance though he guessed it right. During the celebration, Bati dedicated the goal to his newborn child, I believe.

Then came the most agony part of the part. First the penalty, which Alan SHEARER equalized for England then the moment, which I felt, that everything was falling apart. No doubt it was great goal by OWEN but what annoyed me the most was how the whole English media reacted again by comparing this to the one which Diego scored in 1986.
Surely they can’t anything else better to write then steering unnecessary mind games.

In the end, we hit them back with a well-planned equalizer, which really caught them by surprise. I remember when all the players ran straight towards Daniel PASSARELLA and hugged him because it was his master plan to surprise the English.

Then came the part, which perhaps this match will be remembered the most for. Back then; I have to admit that I was extremely happy watching poor old Becks walking straight towards the tunnel. It was the basis of my teasing against all those English fans (guess youth and wisdom don’t go hand in hand).

Despite playing against them with a man extra, my nerve was still getting at me throughout the match. When Sol CAMPBELL headed that ball, for a moment felt like a heart just stop. I felt like was a reborn child when I the referee ruled it out (funny thing is, I heard the Queen of England jumped out of her bed after that goal!).

In the end, it just had to be the penalty shoot out. I swear every penalty kick that was taken in that match was almost as if watching a whole 90 minutes of football. I remember the last kick by AYALA, which looked as if it crawled beyond the goal away from SEAMAN. Believe me it was such a scary to look at it again.

Then came the moment of truth when BATTY’s turn to take the penalty from afterwards I jumped and shouted in the early morning because I just couldn’t hold my feelings anymore. I just felt that I had enough of keeping quite as it was my time to celebrate and make all the noise that I wanted to (my neighbour woke up thinking there was a burglar in my house, hahaha!!!!).

Can’t believe it was already 12 years (wow! What a great feeling it must have been being 18 years old back then) but still fresh in every fans of Argentina’s mind.

GK said...


Sebastian said...

CAPS BOY: I have deleted your second post because of the unnecessary foul language you used there. No need to use those kind of words.

I'm asking you to control your language because we try to keep it clean here.

Regarding your abuse at TV crews, well...the lineups are displayed there as a mere guide so you more or less know where the players are going to be placed. It's not like football is a rigid game. It's very dynamic and those graphs with the lineups are just an orientation. Don't take it too seriously.

As for ROA, you are wrong. He is not and he never was a "catholic monk" (as you put it). He became an adventist and his religion didn't let him play on Saturdays. That's why everyday he found it more and more difficult to juggle between his beliefs and his football and eventually he got away from the game.

He had quite a life. He contracted malaria whilst on a tour of Africa with Racing Club (his first club) and later in his career he suffered from testicle cancer, from which he recovered.

He is currently an assistant coach in a small team playing in the Argentino A (something like a third tier for teams from the provinces in Argentina). The name of the club is Ben Hur.

And this is not a fact, but just an opinion. After Ubaldo Matildo FILLOL retired, I think ROA was the best goalkeeper we had. Better than GOYCOCHEA (who was the king of the penalty-shootouts), though ROA didn't do bad at it either!

He was a better overall goalkeeper and I don't think those who came after him were better.

Sebastian said...

And one more thing. That night, and every night, BATI was better than BATTY!

John said...

Haha, nice one Seba!!!

As for Carlos ROA, I felt deeply sad when he announced that he is retiring from football. He could have been amazing for us in 2002.

Still he is fighter and he has proved it many times. Happy to know his whereabout today.

Anonymous said...

Seba I recall this day too. I recall from what I ate,what I was wearing, everything! I was almost 14 and summer was out for out school. My mother was making arroz con pollo(chicken and rice),I was recording the game for my father who was at work. I recall the pregame which they did a special on Batistuta, comparing country and club,and he said it was impossible to compare. I will fast forward to the PK's, when Crespo PK was blocked my heart stopped. But when Roa made a stop on Paul Ince, it came back to life.My mother came down to watch the PK and she was holding my hand, when Ayala snuck in that shot(it was Ayala right, not Chamot? both shot but can't recall the last PK for us) I was like okay here we go! Batty goes up and it's blocked, me and my mother starting jumping up and down, and I start running all around the house.

My father came home that night, and I recorded the game for him but I could not show any emotion, think about that? A 14 year old boy, can not show any emotion lol.. I got the chance to relive the game with my father with a lighter heart. Couple times he cursed at the TV and Owen lol. But seeing his joy and him picking me up after the win was something I will never forget.


msi2 said...

Seba> Are you sure you arent confusing with Burgos about the cancer?

Anonymous said...

the match can be seen in full length on youtube:

why nobody mentions how england equalized? it was a dive from owen! that turned the game totally. he wouldn't have scored his goal if not that fuckin penalty minutes before. the argentine players were so shocked, they were afraid even to to touch him. i remember many other england dives. they had many freekicks, and statistics say argentina committed much much more fouls than england (bullshit).

also in the second half (i think minute 77 or so) argentina should have a pk after an english player plays the ball in the english penalty area, one meter from the goal away!

two wrong penalty decisions against argentina in the first 90 minutes. also many wrong offside decisions against argentina. i think argentina would have won in 90 minutes if the ref would have done everything right.

the english said they were robbed because of beckham sent off! ridiculous! a wrong red card is nothing compared two the two wrong penalty decisions! england's reaction is so typical, they can never admit any cheating of their own players, they just ignore and overlook it.

but look what a difficult road argentina would have had in 1998 in the ko-round:

1/8: against england
1/4: against holland
1/2: against brazil
final: against france

compare it to brazil's and france way to the final. strong teams, but luck was the difference.


Rune said...

I remember this game like yesterday. I was 21, and I have never been as nervous in front of a as I was that day. A fantastic win. I remember Ariel Ortega making the english defenders looking like donkeys with some of his many tricks. Also remember Passarella taking off BOTH Lopez and Bati in the second half and replacing them with Crespo and Gallardo....I was not happy about that, but it finished nice anyway:-)

Rune said...

-in front of a TV, I meant-

sabuz said...

Adios..i'm from bangladesh..surrounded by india..we have a population of 150 million and almost 60 to 70 percent people love argentina and maradona...during the world cup you will see a argentine flag flying in almost every house of bangladesh...i'm a huge fan of are my whole family...i've sweared i wouldn't marry untill argentina wins world cup once again and i'm 25...Vamos argentina.. .Vamos maradona...Vamos zanetti...

sabuz said...

I was 13 then but i can remember every second of that match.. .i was little upset to see the back of batigol for little known crespo...galardo did ok after coming on....but carlos roa and simeone was exceptional...cannot blame ayala for owen's goal... cause he was young and stil learning his trade. ..the goal by zanetti for set piece was one of the well worked goal i've ever seen ( offcorse second to 26 pass goal against serbia)...its shame that we always have to face tougher opposition very early in the tournament unlike so called world best brazil...they face costa rica china new zealand etc.. .

Sebastian said...

msi2: Germán BURGOS also was a victim of cancer, though he also made an impressive recovery. Just last week, he made his debut as a manager in a lower league in Spain and his team won 3-0. The club is called Real Club Deportivo Carabanchel and is the third oldest team from Madrid after Real and Atletico!

Sebastian said...

Sabuz! Welcome to Mundo Albiceleste! You have arrived just in time for the great ride that is the World Cup!

Keep flying the Albiceleste flag in Bangladesh!

And thanks everyone for sharing your memories from that match. Especially to Jack. For some reason, I got emotional reading your comment. Gracias.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...






sabuz said...

Romeo-clemente rodriguez (burdisso), demichelis, samuels, zanetti-
Jonas, mascherano, veron(pastore/cambiasso/banega/aimar),di maria-messi, milito

sabuz said...

Thank you seba...looking forward to having a great time with you guys...

Anonymous said...

oh by the way argentina world cup blog is full of dushbags

Anonymous said...

1998 3-5-2 recreated for wc 2010


Anonymous said...

i like pastore he is perfect as a veron understudy but also a replacment winger his perfect for the bench at world cup

veron/jonas/dimaria he can cover for all 3

Emmanuel said...

i love the passion of Argentine football. We do love football as well in Nigeria. But You Argentines seem to take it to another level. Little wonder you have the greatest footballer the world has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Argentina and Haiti to play in a friendly on May 5th. I believe it is the local boys again.


Anonymous said...

what a game it was and i remember it very well infact i have a copy of it for all of time to enjoy.
whan you look at the team of 98 i believe we should have won it.
i always say to people their are 2 teams i never ever want to win the w.c again and in order its
1)england then 2)brasil.

Anonymous said...


yes it would be my biggest nightmare too, if england wins the wc.

my top 3 most hatred teams:

1: england (clear why)
2: germany (clear why)
3: france (can't say a special reason, just can't stand them)


Mohd said...

Mundo Albiceleste Admins,

guys, why are you not posting updates on Higuain contract talks with Real. its everywere.

the word is that they are treating him like shit. they refuse to pay him even the same salary of binzema!

thinking about it, this is logical. Higuain is not a Perez/Valdano purchase and they will want him out.

I just hope Higuain would have enough dignity and decide to leave nomatter what happens from now on.

Mohd said...

on other new, Manu Ginobili is playing his best ball again and firing the Spurs into a 2-1 lead over the favorties Dallas.

Just at the right time, Manu has been playing like his all-star season.

Sebastian said...

Mohd...we do what we can. We're busy doing work or study or baby-sitting. We try to cover every aspect.

We missed the news about BURDISSO getting into the Coppa Italia final with Roma during the week. And we missed this HIGUAIN thing and we will continue to miss a few things every now and then.

That's why we always welcome readers to break us the news using the comments' box.

Manu? NOWITZKI broke his nose (not on purpose, I must add) but still, he got back in the game and had a great second half.

He said on his Facebook page: "I don't have a perfect nose anymore"! hahaha! Genius.

Though the news about him is that he won't play with Argentina in this year's FIBA World Championships in Turkey. The reasons? He needs to rest and be home with his wife who will give birth to his twins at around the same time.

But the good news is that he said he'll give priority to the pre-Olympic tournament 2011 and the Olympics in London 2012.

I understand his decision 100%.

Anonymous said...

"Manu? NOWITZKI broke his nose"

not the first time an argentine got his nose broken by a german! time to turn the wheel around!

Vitalij from germany

Anonymous said...

"Manu? NOWITZKI broke his nose"

not the first time an argentine got his nose broken by a german. time to turn the wheel around!

Vitalij from germany

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Billrvlf said...

Sabuz! Welcome to Mundo Albiceleste! You have arrived just in time for the great ride that is the World Cup! Keep flying the Albiceleste flag in Bangladesh! And thanks everyone for sharing your memories from that match. Especially to Jack. For some reason, I got emotional reading your comment. Gracias.

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