Monday, March 08, 2010

NALBANDIAN The Hero In Stockholm

His return couldn’t have come in a better time after lengthy lay off in order to rehabilitate his injury. Still nothing was certain as he was still carrying a leg injury right until Thursday. Today David NALBANDIAN was the hero of our Davis Cup team, winning the deciding tie to clinch a 3-2 win for Argentina over Sweden.

Argentina went into Day 3 with a 2-1 lead, but all that was levelled after Robin SODERLING had defeated Leonardo MAYER 7-5, 7-6 & 7-5. With this result, everything was set for remarkable finale as NALBANDIAN step in to take on Andreas VINCIGUERRA.

It was huge risk take by team captain Tito VASQUEZ but which ultimately paid off. NALBANDIAN produced a tight performance to beat VINCIGUERRA7-5, 6-3, 4-6 & 6-4, booking Argentina’s place in the quarter-finals of the World Group with a visit to Russia in July to look forward to.


Goals from Maxi LOPEZ, SAVIOLA and More

Maxi LOPEZ seems to be enjoying life in Italy after scoring for Catania in their 2-2 draw with Cagliari. While in the French league, Alberto COSTA was the saviour for Montpellier after scoring a last minute equalizer against Bordeaux.

Javier SAVIOLA continues his good form in Portugal, as he scored for Benfica in their 3-1 win over Pacos de Ferreira. In Greece, Sebastian LETO was on target for Panathinaikos in their 3-1 win over Levadiakos.

Luis SCOLA Again with a Double-Double

Once again, he is proving to be extremely vital for the Houston Rockets in the absence on their big star as Luis SCOLA was on hand for another NBA double-double. He posted 20 points, 15 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for the Rockets as they went down to the Detroit Pistons 107-110.

Sacramento Kings lost to the Oklahoma City Thunders 102-108 with Andres NOCIONI posting just 6 points & 1 steal.


Anonymous said...

saviola should be in the nt on his current form infact he should be ahead of aguero and tevez.
aguero is out of form and has been injured and even tho tevez is in great form he fails to bring it to the nt as was shown in the 30 mins he had vs germany and tevez in the past has failed to shine for the nt despite many games but saviola has never let the nt down in the past infact has been great for the nt(remember him and crespo together).

Rune said...

It’s incredible: the World Cup is only 3 months away, but I just don’t feel it at all.
Usually, at this point of time, I would start dreraming at night about our opening game in the WC. I have always done that 3-4 months before a WC, but now my “system” just hasn’t realized that the WC is coming soon. It’s because this team with this coach just doesn’t give me any hope, I guess.
You won’t find a more passionate and crazy fan than me when it comes to supporting Argentina in a WC, so I really hate being in this situation.
Also in the months leading up to a WC, I always watch all the Argentina games from the last WC….just to burry all the sorrow from 4 years ago and to get geared up by the thought of revenge this time around. Now, I just don’t think I dare to watch the games from 4 years ago, it would probably make me more depressed(”football-deprressed”)than I allready am. Cause things are just terrible now compared to 4 years ago.
This last week I have watched some other Argentina games from my big collection…..Italy-Arg(friendly) 1979, Arg-Equador(Copa) 1987, Arg-Chile(Copa)1989 and Spain-Arg(friendly) 1988…..One of these games Menotti was the NT coach, the rest Blardo. The games under Bilardo reminded me that his team played quite defensively(after 86 espessially), but even if we critisize Bilardo these teams had something that todays “team” lacks. They had pride, they were warriors and always fighting. It was more of a really big thing to play for your NT during those days, it seems. And another important thing: there was always movement around the ball-carrier. Players moved even if they didn’t have the ball. Also quite much pass and go, nice 1-2’s.
And these things; pride & fighting spirit + movement off the ball are things I also said were lacking under Basile(2006-2008). Tactically, the games we played under Basile were just marginally better than under Diego. The team were far too often under-performing. The Copa 07…I don’t agree that we played great, I have never agreed in this. Olympics, under Batista, just the same. We haven’t played proper football in 4 years. And these games from 79-88 just reminded me how bad things actually are now.
I really hope that the mafioso can select a good coach after the WC, so we can be delivered from all this sadness as soon as possible. Grondona is a terrible man, but he can still select a good new coach. After all he did get Pekerman. Or am I being naive now?

salvio supporter said...

Rune, that's great. Really. Whatever happens, can only be better. It won't be worse than what we expect, will it? I'm very happy not being fan of the favourite team. I mean, we still are favourites -- it's not that we have no players, or that Bilardo doesn't have anything to do with improvements (I won't believe that) and so he doesn't exists, thus anything is possible, but we're deeply convinced that we aren't favourites, and that's great. It's a lack of pressure I haven't felt in long, long years. You should take this World Cup as an opportunity to truly enjoy it, no matter the result, specially when the favourites, Spain, as usual, fails!

GK said...

Well Higuian is not looking good in the second leg of the Lyon clash. His missed two gift wrapped oppurtunities and should have easily burried both, one being very similar to his goal against Germany but on a more difficult angle. I even heard the fans of Los Blancos whistle at him with their displeasure. Let's hope he can redeem himself in the second half before he is substituted because we know Diego is watching....

johnny said...

Poor Higuain ! Real Madrid is the epicenter of the "what have you done for me lately ?" mentality. And, what was CRonaldo crying about after Higuain's second miss ? It was almost as if he was showing up Higuain.

On the other hand, Rooney is absolutely on fire.

johnny said...

Not a finishing clinic for the argentinos today in Madrid. Higuain with some misses, Lisandro Lopez with a big miss, as well as Cesar Delgado. Lyon moves on and Real Madrid with lots of questions to answer.

Anonymous said...

I am Higuain supporter but he was not on his game by any means. Was hanging his head low and had zero confidence coming off the pitch. I just hope this does not effect him. Cristiano is a little punk and hates the fact Pipita has more goals in La Liga then him. But I hope they do not bench Higuain and he gets out of form. Disaster day for Pipita.

But yeah, what was wrong with the Argentinos today lol. Licha,Chelito,Pipita all missed chances. Oh well at least we have Milito, if Pipita is not hitting his strive and hope he can bounce back.


Anonymous said...

And I am happy that Real Madrid got bounced, it tells you that you can not buy titles.


GK said...

I don't think Delgado played all that bad. He husled for Lyon and was definatly better than Higuian and Lisandro today. Garay looked good as well. He didn't have much to do in the first half, or all game for that matter but when Casillas needed him he was there.

As for Higuian losing form, I doubt that will happen after one bad game. Did you see him on the weekend against Sevilla? He didn't get on the score sheet but he was vital in Madrid's comeback, especially almost scoring the winner but setting it up off a rebound instead. No need to worry, now let's see if Milito can show up against Chelsea again on Tuesday.

LM10ARG said...

After today's performance,
I wonder if higuain should get the
chance put on the albicelestes jersey
in wc. Scoring an open goal against
germany doesn't make him better
than Milito. El principe is light years
ahead of higuain as a centre forward. Let's face it.

Anonymous said...

It's okay, I can live with Higuain's performance, remember it was for Real Madrid not Argentina. And why should he get the chance to wear the Argentina's jersey, why not? I bet LM you love him falling down on his face today. I've seen you on Soccernet and posting negative things about him, we get it you are a fan of Milito/Messi and Barcelona, we get it, now let your hate for Higuain go, but what does a 19 year old kid know?

GenesisOfBoca said...

Este es un gran sitio web!

Been a fan of this website for a bit, and I have decided to add to it, if that is okay with the rest. I watched OL y Real Madrid today. I was happy for Chelito and Licha, both were outstanding. As for Higuain, no matter how poor he played he is a part of the national team and is the starter. I am happy to see that majority of the public are still behind him, and for the 1% that is not then what can we do no?

LM10ARG said...

Well anonymous for whatever reason I just don't like higuain. Even though he is not fully commited to us, this is a guy who rejected us in 2007 u-20 and 2008 olympics. And it's not true that i don't like him coz I am a Barcelonista. Coz I like Garay of madrid. But the main reason is that we have the most underrated striker in the world named Diego Milito who can't show his worth.

LM10ARG said...

I meant to say he is fully commited to us now.

Anonymous said...

TO LM10ARG and all people who posted these NEGATIVE COMENT ABOUT higuain.

my first point is that higuain is our potentialy future crespo or bati,so lets all support him.

yes i agree he had a bad game,but he is(22 years old),these kind of games makes him stronger as a player,there are times that all strikers have off nights it doesnt mater if hes (batistuta,van basten or real ronaldo),like pipita said the other day,
("van nistel roy told me that goals are like a bottle of kethcup". "Sometimes they don't come no matter how much you push, but later they all come out in one hit"). lets hope they will all come in mundial.

madrid has gr8 individual players,but not gr8 team,teir players play for themselves instead of the team.

i prfer diego milto than higuain, hes my first choice,i would start with milto.

but u are saying pipita took milito,s place.(u r wrong)

in maradonas mind tevez,aguero,even palermo is ahead of hes our 4th option (which is sad)

so my personal opinion if milto doesnt start bcoz of pipita then i am fine with it,but if(tevez,aguero,palermo,lavezi)stat ahead of him then i will be pissed of.

(kurdish riquelme).

LM10ARG said...

Yes no doubt it's maradona's fault. As a fan of Diego Milito this is very frustrating like everything else maradona does to the NT. But at this point, nothing can be done except to wish for the best coz he is staying as coach.

GK said...

Well let's hope today is a better day for our Argies playing in the Europa League. They are quit a few....

Aguero, Mascherano, Insua, Maxi, Di Maria, Aimar, Saviola, Lucho and Banega to name a few.