Monday, March 01, 2010

Gracias Diego!

I know I risk being a pain in your back-side with my constant praising of Diego MILITO and my conviction that he would score day and night if he is provided with the minutes any striker needs to perform according to his potential.

But I've got to say this and I've got to say this now: Gracias Diego!

No. Not you, Diego MILITO. I'm talking to the other Diego. The most famous one. Diego MARADONA.

Why am I thanking him (in the middle of the disastrous spell he is having as our national team manager)? Because this is what he said in a press conference today in Germany and when I heard it, I couldn't help to start jumping around (probably not jumping around, but you get the idea).

"I don't want to see Mario KEMPES' goals over and over on the television. I don't want to see my goals from Mexico 86 anymore. I want TV channels to show MESSI's, HIGUAIN's, Diego MILITO's, MASCHERANO's (???), PALERMO's goals".

So...he didn't say it in an official way. He did mention PALERMO's name there and I have to say I'm not quite happy with that, but I've been preparing for that scenario and letting my guard down in that one.

But he also mentioned Diego MILITO's name and I think that's justice done right there.

For that, I'm happy today. But I'm completely aware that MARADONA could change his mind in a heartbeat and change everything without thinking it twice.

I'll post some more quotes from Diego's conference today, but I thought I'd highlight that important part that refers to names. And I guess we all want to know as many of those 23 names as we possibly can.

Stay tuned...


johnny said...

Is it my imagination or did Maradona appear a little calmer, sane and less manic during his press conference today ?

Allan Ng said...

I just hope all the in form players like Milito will get their chances in South Africa.

I read Sergio Aguero's interview in World Soccer. He said the main problem for Argentina is that the lot of them don't get enough time training and understanding each other's play. They will get more time before the WC and they should be fine then. I hope so.

Anonymous said...

it loooks like he is gonna stuck to 4-4-2 formation,after that win in URUGUAY MARdONA thinks is the best team he is got.

It appears the starting 11 v Germany will be
Andujar,Otamendi,Demichelis,Samuel,Heintze;Gutierrez,Veron,Mascherano,De Maria;Higuain,Messi.
he plays MESSI as a striker (which means he is gonna suffer again).

Ari said...

My guts tell me he will start the world cup with Higuain and Messi upfront and he will change players there too just the way he does now, if Higuain doesn't deliver then we will definitely see Milito.
I don't feel that bad about Palermo, I believe if he is called he will be used as a sub for the last minutes when we need a goal which I hope we will never get that desperate but just in case we did, I think Palermo is a very good choice for such situations.

Anonymous said...

The probable starting line up doesn't look bad at all. Andujar currently is in better form than Romero. Demichelis, Samuel, Heinze, Mascherano, Veron, Gutierrez, Di Maria, Messi, and Higuain are good choices. Burdisso is my choice when we go defensive, and Clemente when we go more offensive. Our back line looks really strong defensively, but don't expect Burdisso or Heinze to do much offensively. They both would give us an advantage in the air, though.

Maradona needs to have his man for each position. He must know who will start #2 (defender), 6 (defender), 3 (left back), 4 (right back), 5 (DM), 8 (playmaker), 11 (attacking midfielder), 10 (free role), 7 (second striker), 9 (main striker) without keep experimenting new players in each position.

OK number 1, the goalie is still a competition between Andujar and Romero.
Number 2 has to be Demichelis, no doubt.
Number 6 has to be Samuel. Please no more experiment here.
Number 3 and 4 are 2 of the most insecured ones. Heinze leads the left back. Burdisso/Clemente will fight for the number 4.
Number 5 definitely belongs to Mascherano.
Number 8 is Veron's.
Number 7 is Di Maria!
Number 11 is Gutierrez, Maradona's fave player.
Number 10 is Messi. Enough said!
Number 9 is Higuain. One of the most prolific strikers in Europe.

Maradona must stick with them and start building a chemistry between them. Barca's teamwork is better than say Madrid or Inter or MU why? Because the same players have been playing together for years! That's why.

Only if they play bad, then the second unit must be ready to come. Tevez must be the first man coming off the bench, I'm sure.

I read that Maradona has decided 80 % of his players already. So that's like 18-19 players! The squad has 19 rosters (minus Datolo), so all these 19 are set to make it?


LM10ARG said...

Come on Anjudar? I hope it's not true. Romero is the best goalkeeper we have by miles.

Anonymous said...

I believe that these players are in!


C rodigues

Di Maria


I think these are the players that he will choose his final 5 players from.

Cambiasso - I would Choose
Banega - I Would Choose
Bolatti - Maradonas Choice
Lavessi - Maradonas Choice
Pastore - I would Choose/Maradona
Zanetti - I would Choose
Burdisso - Maradonas Choice
Aimar - I would choose
Federico Insua - Maradonas Choice
Emiliano Insua

We will see....

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the probable "18" except Carizzo. For me Bolatti is included in his 18 along with the players of the Germany match. So my final 5 would be:
GK: Pozo
DF: Burdisso, Schiavi/Monzon
MF: Banega, Pastore/Aimar/Maxi

If our 5 forwards are guaranteed plus Palermo, I don't think there will be any spot left for Lavezzi as 7 forwards are too much. Even 6 are too much. Italy only call up 4 attackers in their friendly among 23 players.


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