Saturday, March 20, 2010

La Pantera Keeps Hot Streak Going

Though they were goals from Diego MILITO and Gonzalo HIGUAIN for their respective clubs on Saturday, the man of the day was nonetheless Lucas BARRIOS. Just like what he did last weekend, he scored for Borussia Dortmund in their 3-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen.

MILITO was on target for Inter from the penalty spot, but they could not capitalize from their Champions League as they were held to a 1-1 draw against Palermo. Trouble time for the Special One’s boys? In another Serie A, Mario SANTANO (what a nice backheel!) scored for Fiorentina in their 3-0 win over Rodrigo PALACIO’s Geonoa.

In Spain’s La Liga, El Pipita HIGUAIN continues his hot streak with a goal for Real Madrid against Sporting Gijon as the All White finished off with a 3-1 win. Down the tier in Segunda Division, Marco RUBEN was on target for Villareal B in their 3-1 win over Real Union.

Speaking of second tier, not to forget that Jonas GUTIERREZ scored for Championship league leaders Newcastle United as they came from behind to draw 2-2 with Bristol City.


Forza_albicelestes said...

DO no forget Pastore.....He was brilliant.....Garay was good too.....Maybe he should be the 4th CB in the WC....

GK said...

For anyone who doesn't know, tomorrow is a big big day in Argentine futbol. It is the Super Classico! Boca Juniors-River Plate.... Kick off is 6pm eastern time.


GK said...

Correction: kick off at 2pm eastern time.

Anonymous said...

Maradona: ˇPerrotti, Diego Milito andEzequiel Garay is out of world cup....


Anonymous said...

Is that Diego Milito or Gabby?

GK said...

Can anyone confirm the above comment about the exclusion of Milito (Gabby or Diego) and Garay? I personally don't think Perotti is ready for a World Cup so I am not surprised or concerned if this is true.

Anonymous said...

It's rubbish! Maradona never said that. It's true he is on tour in Europe right now. But he never (not yet) make any statements bout player. Anyway, it's too early for him to make any statements about players who will miss WC. Off course these would offended certain players feeling. Concerning Perotti...well, I think it would be 90 percent he would miss WC, unless several regular player get injured. Garay? Same as Perotti. Milito? Which Milito? Right now Maradona in Barcelona to meet Messi and talk with Guardiola. Barca coach opinion or advise would affect Maradona decision. Like Jose Mourinho who offered Samuel, there's still possibilities Guardiola proposed Gabriel Milito. Diego Milito? I think for at the moment he still include in Maradona plans. But it depends on his performance in Serie A or Champions League progress. So let's see what Maradona would bring from his tour in Europe!

Abs said...

Messi - Higuain - Tevez should be up front for Argentina.
Behind them, Guti - Mascherano - Veron.
Back line .... - Demi - Milito - Henzie
And Romero for the goal.

Anonymous said...

lucas barrios is the best striker for argentina!

first i noticed it:)
second mundo albiceleste noticed it!
next step is up to maradona


Anonymous said...

Barrios is big strong and has adapted well in Germany. He's not going to make it though unless somebody goes down with an injury. I have not heard Diego say much about him, or anything at all. But I think he can also play for Paraguay. Have not really followed on that story.


johnny said...

Messi's second goal today was so impressive that I laughed out loud watching the replay. What an effort.

Anonymous said...

Is it really fair that he is that good? Wow man wow. When people said he would only get better I said how so.. But I guess he is 22 and not even hitting his peak.


Anonymous said...

Now, Hat-Trick for Messi!


TQ said...

wow messi who dare to compare messi with anyone else this guy is amazing

Mohd said...

Sergio Romero is injured!!!

I heard news that Romero has injured his knee and it does not look good at all...i pray it will not be serious, he is our only good option.

GK said...

8 goals in 3 matches for the little flea. When will Maradona realize he needs to play in his Barca role for the national team? He also got around 3 defenders and brought down inside the area with just minutes left, should have taken the penatly but he let Zlatan take it, out of pity I guess seeing how Ibra missed a boat load of chances today.

As for the Super Classico, it has been postponed becasue of weather conditions....

messidona19 said...

Messi was incredible today!!! I have never seen a player (other than R10) completely dominate teams the way this guy does!!! WOW!!! He's playing his best football at the right time this season, His second goal was pure Maradona goal. And that move in the 89th minute where he dribbled past the whole defence and won a penalty which he unselfishly gave to Ibra was something out of this world!!!

As for Romero's injury, that's horrible!!! I just hope that it's not really serious because if he misses the world cup then we are totally screwed if Andujar plays instead! Romero's the first Goalkeeper who really impressed me alot for Argentina. I just hope that his injury's only for a couple of weeks.

pablo.d said...

ye gods messi is not into his prime till he 26, what a payer he will be lol
pleased maradona realise how barca play him and do the same for us as we have the players (mash,ben,camb,aimar,pastore,di maria)to allow him to do this to be free and veron is not 1 of them

LM10ARG said...

From what I have read so far, Sergio Romero's njury isn't too serious. The best thing is he has well over two months to fully recover. Man this guy is one of my idols. Argentina's 3 most important player: 1. We all know 2. Di Maria and 3. Romer.

Paulina said...

Did you guys see Messi? I've never seen such a dominating performance. He looks like he could score at will. And he's stronger now, physically. Just a mind-blowing performance. And - he told Ibra to take the PK, instead of taking it himself and adding to his pichichi tally. He's just an extraordinary player.

johnny said...

Messi does look stronger physically and what drive he has ! Must be pretty depressing if you are Zaragoza and your strategy is to foul at will and then you get out-muscled by a flea.

Anonymous said...

I must have rewatched that 2nd goal at least a dozen times, and I still cannot figure out how Messi got that shot off with authority.

The commentator (on GolTV) already has a major crush on Messi, but I think he had to change his trousers after that goal.

LM10ARG said...

I just found this link, probably some good news regarding Romero's injury.

totti to GK said...

I am afraid that it is true, that Maradona plays Messi in bad position, because he dont want Messi to become bigger than himself.

It is sad to admit, but I really think, that Maradona loves himself better than Argentina.

messi is a threat for him as a god...

I dont like this guy any more, at all...

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