Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Happy Hat-Trick Sunday For Lionel

Yes! Everyone in Mundo are already talking about it so without further due, here is the match highlight from Barcelona’s Sunday encounter against Real Zaragoza. Most certainly, he is Albiceleste player of the week.

Elsewhere, we move to Italy’s Seria A; first it was Hugo Armando CAMPAGNARO who scored for Napoli against AC Milan as the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Then, another players who is on a hot streak at the moment. Maxi LOPEZ was again on target for Catania this netting the equalizer against Chievo.

Whilst in the English Premiership, Carlos TEVEZ was again on the score sheet for Manchester City as the Citizen came away with 2-1 win over Europa League high fliers Fulham. In Greece, Ismael BLANCO was on target for AEK Athens, scoring the only goal in their win over PAOK Salonika.

Our Albiceleste players were also on target in the land of our fierce rival Brazil. German HERRERA scored twice for Botafago in their 2-2 draw against Flamengo. Then there was Andres D’ALESSANDRO scoring for Internacional against Pelotas with match also ending in a 2-2 draw.

On Fire Manu Could Not Save the Spurs

It was heartbreaking night for Manu GINOBILI as he described the defeat against the Atlanta Hawks on tough and disappointing one for him and the Spurs. San Antonio put up a brave performance against the Hawks but went down 114-119. Manu match a season high performance with 38 points plus 1 rebound, 6 assists and 1 steal.

Andres NOCIONI had 10 points, 5 rebounds and 1 steal for the Sacramento Kings in their 102-89 win over Los Angeles Clippers. In a very quiet night for Luis SCOLA, he only manage 4 points and 1 rebound as the Houston Rockets defeated the New York Knicks 116-112.


Forza_albicelestes said...


Messi-34,Milito-20,Tevez-22,Barrios-18,Licha-around 15....

And still they cant find a goal when playing for ARG.....

Thats leaving out players such as saviola,lavezzi,zarate,aguero....players who would walk into any NT

Mohd said... reports that Romero will be out for 2 weeks only...that's very good news

TQ said...

The world is talkin about messi

GK said...

Lionel Messi - Are We Watching The Greatest Player In History?

Anonymous said...

no we are not diego was doing far greater things with a far lesser start in life

people seem unab;le to remeber diego scoring from kick offs in his teens

people seem to forget record breaking free kick skills

people seem unable to understand maradona was dribbling like that in deep midfield

people seem unable to remember mardona was playing the xavi roll and the messi roll at the same time

people you are comparing a guy who took napali to greatness on his own

messi is part of a great club side

please think about this shit please

Paulina said...

Jesus. Maradona - much to the disagreement of so many kooks out there - isn't GOD. For heaven's sake, get off the sacred cow BS. There are plenty of experts who have said that Messi is better at this age than Maradona was at 22. Is this true? I don;t know. I know that he's already won way more than Maradona did at this age.

Maybe Messi can be better. It's a POSSIBILITY. It's something that can happen. Because Maradona was the best to date. But he doesn't walk on water. He's just a human being. For God's sake.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Madonna was a first division first team player at age 15

not 18

maradona didnt have a club bring him up rapped in cotton wool he rose from the slums

maradona had hepatitis at messis age rolls-eyes at those WHO BLATANTLY IGNORE THIS FACT

messi was educated and football schooled whilst at Barcelona

Diego grew up in a shed with a tin roof








johnny said...

The better Messi plays the more the Messi haters hate him. It won't matter if he scores plenty of goals for the NT or not, there will be tons of argentinos who will still hate him, and will be looking for every chance to dump on him. They don't consider him one of them. He left Argentina with his family during the economic meltdown, he never struggled on the wrong side of the tracks, he doesn't make an ass out of himself at nearly every opportunity.

Give these Messi hating morons a horrible role model and they love him, give them a positive role model and they fall all over themselves hating him.

Anonymous said...

I do not know how somebody can dislike Messi. Guy is masterclass on and off the pitch. If you want your children to a perfect citizen, look at Messi. Never hear about him being out at the pubs or discos at night. Okay one time he was a bit drunk, but that was with his team. Poor kid probably had a couple drinks lol. Everybody loved him for that because it was not in his character.

I do not think people want Messi to do well, like Johnny said. What he is doing on the pitch is out of this world. I thought Zidane,Ronaldo(Brasil's) were the greatest I have seen, but now Messi is blowing right by them.

Messi win's us a World Cup, he may go down as the greatest of our players.

Give it a rest with the hate. What Diego did in 86 was superhuman, why not want Messi to do the same? Will Iglesia Maradoniana burn down or something? Oh yeah, he will only be 23 when the WC kicks off.


GK said...

No one will ever forget what Maradona has accomplished and what he did for us in 1986 and even 1990, but how much longer do we need to hold onto that? It's time to move on and hope for future glory. Maradona is the greatest player to ever set foot on a football pitch but the way things are looking, Messi is about to steal that from him. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING! We as Albiceleste fans should be happy about this. Sure he left Argentina at a young age for Spain but it was for legit reasons and I am sure anyone of us would have done the same. Sure Messi is surrounded by talent at Barca but the point is HE is the stand out player, not Xavi or Iniesta or whoever else, it is Messi that the fans, and even players praise and he damn deserves it! I can't believe I am reading Messi bashing at an Argentina fan webpage.

johnny, well put by the way.

messidona19 said...

A very nice article about our Argentine strikers.

salvio supporter said...

Ehm, please don't take the following as a crazy, angry post.

Johnny: yes, in most things you say, you're right. When it comes to choosing role models, Argentina is a wicked place. But between the non-haters of Messi, which I feel I am one, the guy is not playing the way we expect the best player in the world to play like; this is not the end of the world since nobody would EVER believe Bochini was a loser because he never did anything too important in the NT. He's one of the best here, like the ones we all know: Batistuta, di Stéfano, etc., who didn't felt the glory Maradona reached with the Albiceleste. As I said before, it has to do with him playing in Spain. I always say the same thing, but believe me, it's not prejudice. He scored a Hattrick against Zaragoza. Did he do that against Manchester United (or name any other popularly acclaimed team), three matches in a row? Yes, he's doing things not normal for his age... but he's playing in SPAIN. I couldn't play like him, I couldn't score those goals. But I'm not impressed the way the best player in the world would impress me. I'm trying not being excessively demanding, but even so I watch the goals again and again and the defenders still look like butter. For instance, the head goal (the first one I think): what were the defenders doing in the area? Just staying there, feeling the breeze? Nobody ever taught them the words 'mark the player'? It's not that you just stay there. If someone like Messi with his short height does that, I don't know. Don't play football, or don't be a defender.
They say they've been going hard on him for years now. I don't see it, I DON'T, and neither seem to do the rest of the non-haters. In his second goal, they almost get him. But look at that. Three defenders and three attackers? It's like a counterattack = it doesn't matter if that was Messi or Juan Perez. Third was fine, but he was unmarked, again. He just receives the ball. Great, Spain!
Sorry to disagree with so many people happy with Messi and expecting a complete satisfaction from the football fans, but that's how it goes. It's great he goes well there, I like the guy, he's young, he's got a bright future (and present already), and I enjoyed him a lot when he was in the subs. But expecting everybody to like him is very, very difficult, as I said before, unless he gets out of Spain and makes me and the rest shut up.

Note: again, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the NT. It's not his fault what's happening there with him or the others.

Anonymous said...

to salvio supporter

just to start its a insult to say he is better than maradona,if he wins wc then we can debate it,but not yet,

i am normaly MESSIs biggest critic,but what u saying it doesnt make sence.

why would he needs to leave barca?every footballer wants to play for barcelona (its a fact).

there is better players in spain than england and italy.sreia is not same seria of 80s an 90s is much weaker now adays.

as 4 epl have u seen ROONEYS goals how easy he can score them,just because they got taller and stronger players doesnt mean is any better.

perhaps he should come back 2 argentinan lig so ha cant find as much as space as he find in spain,

messidona19 said...

To Salvio Supporter: Messi doesn't need to prove himself to anyone, He already is the best player of his generation... So are you telling me that Messi scored that headed goal because no one was marking him? or because he was taught by Guardiola to be the best positioned player in the world without the ball?
Are You blaming the Spanish League for being too weak? Because last time i checked Messi was goal scorer of last year's Champions League. Last time i checked, Messi scored a lot of goals on Real Madrid in his very short career.

Anonymous said...

Answer me:
1. How in the world could Ibra, once a real goal getter of serie A, the toughest league in the world as some ppl say, become a joke in la liga despite playing for the attacking team in the world?
2. What about Henry? 2 or 3 times top scorer of la liga who could score just 20 goals at most per season? You might say that because he was just a left forward for Barca, not a main striker, well...if the coach really think that Henry is a real scorer, he wouldn't be idiot to just make him a left forward.
3. Were Anelka and Owen doing well for Madrid? Ehm... What about Tavano, a scorer of serie A a few years ago.

But Forlan, Eto'o, Rossi, Ronaldinho shine in Spain. Yes...that's why...stop saying that la liga is weaker in terms of defense and serie A is stronger! We're in 2010 now! Serie A defense was stronger than la liga 10-15 years ago!

What matters now is how they play, not what league they are in.


Anonymous said...

Henry top scorer of EPL I mean..

Anonymous said...

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