Friday, March 12, 2010

Milito Scores in Inter’s loss to Maxi’s Catania

While the interesting discussion about Pipita’s performance for Real keeps getting bigger; two other players were on the score sheet in Friday’s Serie A match between Catania and Inter Milan.

However the league leaders had a shocked defeat as the home side won the game 3-1. Diego MILITO gave Inter the lead in the 54th minute with a simple tap in. However Catania’s on form striker, Maxi LOPEZ equalized for them in the 75th minute; scoring his third goal in Serie A since arriving in January.

The match also saw a total of 8 Argentine players starting for both sides; Mariano ANDUJAR, Matias SILVESTRE, Pablo ALVAREZ, Mariano IZCO & Maxi LOPEZ for Catania and Esteban CAMBIASSO, Javier ZANETTI & Diego MILITO for Inter


johnny said...

Inter seem to have lost their spark. Outside of Milito they just aren't scoring goals. You have to wonder about the impact of Morinho's antics on the squad. Plus the thing with Balotelli just won't get better.

GK said...

That was a terrible game to watch as an Inter fan, they just keep dropping points in Serie A and before we know it Inter will fall to second if they don't smarten up.

They really need to get their act together before they go to Stamford Bridge on Tuesday or they are doomed.

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