Thursday, March 04, 2010

DEMICHELIS' surgery, a success

For much as we don't like Michael BALLACK, you have to admit the guy was looking at the ball and trying to head it as it was coming towards our area. DEMICHELIS, on the other hand, was marking another player and his face got right in the patch of BALLACK's knee and as a result, the Bayern Munich Argentina defender had to leave the game and was set for surgery on Thursday.

Argentina's doctor, Donato VILLANI, stayed in Munich after the game and has said that the surgery was a success.

"He will have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days as a precaution, because even when the surgery was a small procedure, it included general anaesthesia and was performed in the head area. But he is OK. He will have to stay away from football for about three weeks. We are thinking he may be back playing in April"

Here's hoping for a quick recovery for MICHO!


johnny said...

Yes, definitely inadvertent on Ballack's part. However, I want everyone to know, officially from the desk of Johnny, that it is still ok to honor an intense dislike of Michael Ballack.:)

Anonymous said...

yes i am also a member of the "i hate michael ballack club". fouling, whining, bitching with the ref and foul more: that is all ballack does in big games.

i asked in the other thred: why Argentine players get always injured in games against Germany? It happened wc90, wc06 and yesterday. and the german players are always healthy. just one time i want a klose or podolski or schweinsteiger or ballack lies on the ground and has really bad pain.

vitalij from germany

GK said...

How about that one? HAHAHA, Podolski challenges a German reporter to a fight after last night defeat to the Argentines!

johnny said...

Vitalij ! I like your style !

Anonymous said...

are you on drugs one day you over score players next you state ballack was looking at the ball

iv got the game stream recorded on my pc harddri9ve

ballack clearly pouts his lips looking at demi as he nees him clean in the face like 6 fooot above the ground


Ballack clearly jumps super high looks into demis eyes as his nee pounds into his face

iv got the video like in front of me playing

are you insane

Anonymous said...

ballack is clearly pouting as if to say TAKE THAT CUNT as his nee plunders demis eye socket

ballack was sent of only the other day for simuler shit on tevez

and argentinas keeper had his ribs smashed by a delibrate nee in the world cup

you got some serious eye issues get them tested

your nee doesnt end up in a goalys chest wen you fall over

your nee doesnt end up in a 6 foot 4 guys face as you pout doing it

seriously dude wake up

Anonymous said...

sorry man but you can clearly see ballack ai his nee at demis face and you can clearly see him pouting his lips as if his sucking air

as in sweet i got him real mean nasty and happy with it look on his face are you fucking blind

iv had a go at folks over at argentina world cup blog after the peru game higuains first match

he is clearly seen on my sky tv recording doing a snort jesture wen diego subbed him

he walks slowly around the pitch as he comes behind the goal net he looks like his clearing his nose and pushes one nostral in but doesnt blow with the other he clearly snorts then smiles

i have that recorded also YET IM TOLD THAT DIDNT HAPPEN ETHER

sorry im surrounded by the blind

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Munich ... just spoke to Demicheli's wife .. surgery went well.... Thanks God ... BUT , Ballack made declarations to the press before the game about the rudeness of the argentinian players... and THEN ... according to Martin it WAS INTENTIONAL .. Ballack has allways been a racist and he spoke to him several times during the game anticipating the hit ("will break you"he repeated several times).. The politics at FIFA are awefull, otherwise this ANIMAL BALLACK should be suspended... (or they will wait until he kills someone)

Anonymous said...

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