Monday, March 01, 2010

Diego using Nike's words. Contradictory. Isn't it?

Right. So, after I thanked the man for coming to his senses for a little while and mentioning the name of Diego MILITO amongst others that are certainties to be included in Argentina's World Cup squad I hear this: Nike is about to launch a new commercial campaign that urges fans to forget about Mexico 1986.

You can try it yourself. Go to or and before you reach their content you'll see an ad by this American company where the number '1986' is scratched and then the number '2010' shows up with the inscription: 'Escribamos historia' (Let's write history -or 'Let's re-write history').

A colleague of mine told me yesterday that this campaign was going to happen and that MARADONA was going to get paid to say more or less what the campaign is saying.

I wasn't too sure about this so I kept quiet.

Next thing I hear is MARADONA saying in a press conference in Germany: 'I don't want to see my goals from 1986 over and over again. Argentina needs new heroes. We haven't won anything for 24 years. You can't live in the past' and blah blah blah.

This is not contradictory because Argentina wears Adidas and they are one of the main sponsors of the AFA.

This is contradictory because all the while, MARADONA and BILARDO and the boot-licking TV channels like TyC Sports (to put it in TEVEZ's words when he referred to Gary NEVILLE) were trying to make us believe that the whole stage is set for Argentina to repeat what we did in 1986.

And Diego even said it today in that very same press conference. He said 'the media wants us to do bad. They think we'll end the World Cup in last position' and that goes to show he still thinks about 1986 all the time.

His speech does not see eye-to-eye with Nike's, but he's pretending it is so he cashes in.

It's a win-win situation for Nike, of course. When their main competitor Adidas does its best to replicate the shirts we wore in 1986, they come out with this campaign that aims directly at the younger fans and ask them to forget about one of the proudest moments in the history of our national team.

But where does this leave MARADONA? In the eyes of the boot-licking media, he'll stay in his pedestal. Why wouldn't he?

The way I see it. It's just another pathetic piece of business. And Diego is lying if he says he wants us all to forget something he kept us reminding of over and over again.

Why the hell the references of how those players in 1986 were enemies with the press?

Why the hell do they want to play a friendly against Israel, like we did prior to that 1986 World Cup?

I, for one, don't believe for a second that Diego wants us to forget about 1986.

I know this is not the essential part of football. I know I've seen footballers sell their souls to advertise whatever product they were asked to advertise. It will always happen. It's one of the worst aspects of modern football.

But I guess I would have liked for MARADONA to keep doing what he's been doing so far (not tactically or managerially). I would have wanted him to stay honest to himself and to not sell his beliefs to any given company in order to get some money. Because I know he still wants Argentina to repeat what he helped the Albiceleste achieve in 1986.

I'm absolutely eager to read your opinions on this matter.


ARG_717 said...


WaSiM said...

I felt that Maradona taking over was a pure business decision right from the begining, and this proves what I'm thinking right. The whole Messidona thing was great to get people super excited(I say super cuz Albiceleste fas are always loyal, I know Ive been since 1978.
I ask the AFA to tone down the drama, get down to business and be on Maradona's ass as much as you can, I think our way to at least the semi finals is paved thanks to the draw (we haven't been this lucky in ages) and God bless the Albiceleste!!!

salvio supporter said...

Mmm, money. After all, wasn't Heinze still in the NT because of some business going on between Maradona and Heinze's brother? (or something like that, I forgot already). This Nike thing is the least crazy of them all, unless Nike tells him who plays and who doesn't (and didn't Grondona do that with some russian group not far ago? At least for friendly matches I think it was, I'm sorry to talk about things I don't remember anymore).

I would have no problem forgetting 1986. But 1986 is the only thing that allows that bunch of ex-players do the disastrous things they're doing on AFA. Do you remember the times when the U-20 was amazing? Even those times are gone. So thank you, 1986 'legends', or get out AFA.

And I'm not very sure if he really has any good intentions with the team. He may have been a fan himself of the NT, but today he is -mainly- a man with debts. He owes lots of money. He needs all this.

johnny said...

Mass marketing. Turning everything in the world into "product". You wanted hypercapitalism ? You got it. Bring back El Che.

Anonymous said...

maradona is a hopeless case he always uses slogans and so on but really he is just a hypocrite
another thing is the fact that he is taking to the wc the much hated Heinze (a business partner )!

GK said...

If everyone is so sick of all this Maradona/AFA drama why do you pay so much attention to it? Is Maradona's deal with Nike going win or loose us the World Cup? We all know how Diego is and he will never change. I'm not concerned if he wants us to forget about '86 or not, I'm concerned with how we perform, as a team, starting with Germany tomorrow and continuing on to June in South Africa. If Diego's comments and actions bother you all so much why not ignore him and pay attention to the football.

As far as I'm concerned Maradona has improved. He has made legitimate call ups for the Germany match and I think we will all be pleasantly surprised with tomorrow result.

Anonymous said...

maaan...give yourself a break:)

Abs said...

Dude, let the talk be in the field.

I know that would be hard for lots of you, but just judge the guy with his final results.

It already took us 24 years, and everyone before him sucked, so for one just let him work/do what ever he want in peace.

Albi fan from Bangladesh said...

whatever Maradona do or says is problem for someone or media--- i think no other Manager/coach is as highlighted or monitored as him.May be this is a tactics for anti-albicelestes to find fault of Maradona---he is really now on right track i believe

Albi fan from Bangladesh said...

whatever Maradona do or says is problem for someone or media--- i think no other Manager/coach is as highlighted or monitored as him.May be this is a tactics for anti-albicelestes to find fault of Maradona---he is really now on right track i believe

GK said...

Maradona was surrounded by contrivoursy as a player, did we all really believe that would change as a coach?

johnny said...

Seba-there is a huge billboard on Ave. 9 de Julio with black background and "1986" crossed through.

LaTiNo said...

I think you are now getting a little bit TOO paranoid. It's nothing more than a logical statement from Diego.
We live NOW, not in 1986, and finding similarities between the 86 and todays campaign will NOT alter our chances on the WC.

Anonymous said...

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